Is there any "Wedding Chicken?"

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Oct 11, 2008
I know that there''s Engagement Chicken (Though tests regarding its effectiveness are inconclusive...)

But is there any "Wedding Chicken"? That, you know, maybe MAKES my FI want to tell me what shoes go best with my dress. Or makes him want to call vendors to negotiate prices? Or do anything besides say, "That''s too expensive." or "Spend more money on this and not that" or "Are you on that wedding blog again?" (wedding blog = pricescope)

I''m making this ( ) tonight. I made it for my parents once & they loved it... Its like engagement chicken, kicked up a notch. And I''ll be sure to have a nice cold beer in an iced mug ready & waiting. At the very least it''ll give me 15min worth of wedding talk, or some really good "business time" (For any ladies familiar w. Flight of the Conchords)

Don''t get me wrong, I really love FI & he has been great with this wedding thing. I guess I just need to accept that WEDDINGS are for the girls and if men ruled the world, there would be no hoopla/party/flowers/dress/anything. It''d just be a piece of paper saying we''re united. Too bad for him, I really like flowers and dresses and champagne!


Jul 5, 2007
Cake tastings?

Even my DH''s dad wanted in on that. Otherwise...the only other thing that DH got excited about was the reception playlist (major issues, he wanted rap and jam bands the ENTIRE TIME). The big task that my DH did take on was all phone duties because there were a few places that I got NOWHERE with when I''d call and identify myself as a bride. When he realized that yupp, people treat the groom better, I think he felt really good being the "negotiator/getting stuff done guy" because he felt like it was a duty that he could do on his own, not step on my toes, etc. He also took on making sure everyone was paid - another clear cut, "manly" duty, I guess.

I have to say that my DH was really, really great with the wedding stuff, but no matter how respectful/partnering a guy is, I really don''t think there are many out there who will truly care about shoe color.
I know I was completely on my own when it came to that stuff - that''s what my gal pals were for.

And, btw, I think you''re right on with making sure he''s got a cold beer of choice at dinner. ;-)


Nov 2, 2006
Cake, wine, and other food tastings are the way to a Fiance''s heart in my opinion. So does engagement chicken become wedding chicken when you serve it after you''re married? FI loves it! In fact, I just made it last week.
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