Is anyone else having issues with orders and deliveries?


Sep 10, 2003
I searched a long time for a small table clock that I liked. Ordered one from Pendulux. It arrived broken -- the internal mechanism is cheap. I took a chance and let them replace it. The 2nd one arrived broken. I asked for a refund. I also asked if they wanted the two clocks returned to them. I was told to donate them. I said why would I donate broken clocks to anyone?

I told them that if I were selling these things, I'd want the broken ones returned to show the manufacturing unit that there is a problem with quality control at which point, the person helping me said he'd pass along the info to the higher ups. Riiiiight.

Yesterday I got an incomplete order from chewy which is unusual as they have been pristine filling orders even during the height of covid. Emailed them and they're sending the rest of it asap, no problems.

Today I get a salt and pepper shaker set from Jonathan Adler. Cute elephants. The trunk was broken off of the pepper shaker. It was obvious that either it was broken while being packed or prior to being packed because the packaging itself was excellent and the damage couldn't have happened due to handling during shipping. Another email, another replacement.



Oct 23, 2011
Most companies are short on labor, just like most restaurants. This results in lack of products (pool chemicals and materials according to my pool guy) or inexperienced service as you have seemed to have encountered. I think the stimulus and child credit stimulus and unemployment have contributed to this situation—and no this is not a political argument, but a reminder to all of us who support a better quality of life for people everywhere—even if it comes at the “inconvenience” of our otherwise comfortable or privileged lifestyle.


Oct 31, 2020
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that, sounds like a string of disappointing orders of purchases.

I took a break from online purchases for a couple of years until a few months ago when I started buying online again out of pandemic necessity, and there have been headaches and disappointments. Got some jewellery related supplies (polishing cloths, diamond tester etc.) from a local trade business last week, and the necklace display/neck form has fallen apart immediately after I received it, plus the diamond tester came in a pouch that was used and falling apart which was very strange. And I'd say 20%-30% of my eBay purchases have been problematic. I seem to have particularly bad luck with antique/vintage earrings from there haha (so far I've received a pair that was broken in transit due to inadequate packaging, mismatched pairs, and earring findings that fell apart). Oh and one item was missing from my last purchase from a shop that I use often, eh. I've just reached out to them to see if there had been an error when there were packing.

I'm in Europe, though, so I'm not sure how the situation compares. It definitely makes me extra grateful when purchases do arrive without issue! Also for some reason I haven't had any problems with yarn orders, lol.
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