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Apr 6, 2007
Hi Ladies (and Men),
I am a longtime lurker who finally got engaged. I am caucasian and my fiance is Chinese. We want to combine our two traditions as much as possible and only have one ceremony. We were thinking of having a western style cermony (no church though) then a traditional banquet. Does anyone know of any good places, for either a banquet or ceremony, in the NY metropolitan/Long Island area? I would prefer to stay in the Queens, Brooklyn, LI area. We are looking to have it in the fall or winter.
Also if anyone has been to a wedding that has combined the two cultures I would LOVE to hear from you!!


Mar 24, 2007
One thing I''ve seen done is a western ceremony with the couple changing into traditional chinese attire for the reception. Gives the bride a chance to wear both the big white dress and the red dress for good luck (if I understand the custom properly).


Mar 31, 2007
I''m asian and my husband was white.
we had two weddings! one was a traditional asian tea ceremony and chinese reception that followed.
the next week. we had a western, non-denominational ceremony with a reception that immediately followed. i changed into the traditional chi pao both times.
it was great and we had a week long wedding!!! my inlaws loved the chinese food and the culture.

my cousin had a western ceremony and she incorporated the tea ceremony in right before the vows.
she had the asian family (the elders) sit close by and the bride and groom just walked over to where they sat and poured the tea, etc.
it was very smooth and only took a few minutes. just have the person marrying you announce what u are doing and make sure you include
some information about the tea ceremony in the program. The asian famliy will appreciate the tradition carried through and the non asian
will appreciate the education :)

hope this helps.
and congrats.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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