How long could you go without spending money on things?


Jul 13, 2009
So we had the thread about how long you can go without spending money? And for most the answer is a week a or two because eventually the freezer runs out and you need to fill up your subway card or gas tank.

How about non-necessity items? How long could you go without buying non-necessity items (clothes, jewelry, books, stuff for your home, anything that you don't need to survive or for your job and yes that includes diamonds)?? How long do you usually go?

For me, if I really tried I might make it a year. My wardrobe is stocked for year round weather. My house has everything it needs to function. I go to the library for most books or I could borrow from friends. I spend the rest of money on dining out and travelling. I buy tech gadgets about 3 years later than everyone else and keep them for much longer too so that wouldn't be a problem either. I hate shopping and already have too many things actually so I usually only buy stuff once every 2-3 months. I consider this a good thing because the earth doesn't need more "stuff."
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