How it happened

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Dec 20, 2001
Hi! I have been an avid Pricescope fan for some time now. I have really enjoyed seeing others shop and hear of their stories. I got educated and hence educated my man with the info from here. Now, after 4 years, it is my turn and I am so incredibly thrilled. Lemme tell you the story.

He and I had just gone to work out. We got back to the apartments (we live 3 doors down) and were planning to go to a movie. It was Monday night. He sent me home to get ready, so I did- nothing unusual. I got out of the shower and he called- I had only been gone 20 minutes or so--and asked me if I was ready yet...never in my life have i showered and been ready to go somewhere in 20 minutes, so I thought he was weird. I lolly-gagged around, talked to my roommate and then walked over to his place. He wasn't even down stairs and ready! How dare he hurry me if he wasn't even ready! Anyway, I closed the door and looked over and saw candles and dried rose petals on the stairs (from roses he has given me over the last 4 years). There was a candle on each step leading to the top and at the top new white rose petals lead me into his room where there is a huge white rose heart on the floor. On his bed was a sort of an altar, with roses, candles and a little booklet. The front said "Don't look around, just read!" So I read some of the sweetest words I have ever read. The last page said "Now turn around" and there knelt my wonderful man. He had been hiding in the closet. I don't even remember everything that he said but I know it was sweet. He asked me to marry him and I think I said "yes" before he even got all the words out! We hugged and cried before he put the most beautiful diamond on my hand. I am still walking above the floor. I couldn't be any happier!

Just thought I would share. Proposals don't have to be elaborate, just put some thought into it! We have a "special place" on a mountain near where we live. He had planned on doing it there, but he really wanted to surprise me and he knew if he suggested we go, I would know what was up. Just that he put that much thought into it means SO much to me!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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