How is your garden growing?

Loves Vintage

Nov 19, 2007
Here's a pic of my bee balm from our dining room window. I see hummingbirds stopping by every now and again. That makes me very happy! I will take more pictures from the front after I do some tidying up. It's totally a work in progress and by no means as nice as all of the other photos posted here, but I'm trying! That counts for something, right?

Oh, and I want to propagate this bee balm. A lot of the "stalks" have tipped over after some heavy rains. I read that you can cut the bee balm so that you have two leaves at the top and then put in growing medium for it to root. I'm wondering if I can also transplant the "base plant" so that I would effectively double what I'm propagating. Sound right?

bee balm.jpg


Mar 13, 2005
Lovesvintage, your bee balm garden is beautiful! I don't have much experience with propagating but I think a lot of people use bloodmeal and B1 to stimulate root growth. I think if you wait until your base plant has finished flowering and it goes dormant (and the temps are cooler), you can prune it a bit so it can focus on new root production. I read the same about transplanting established roses.

Thanks for the kind words about my tomatoes! Yes, the sun helps but I am not loving the heat, humidity and bugs. I wish it was cooler like CT. If I had known the beefsteaks were going to be my favorite, I would have passed on the goliath and lemon boy. I probably harvested about 5 lbs of beefsteak so far, and it's still producing. :))

ETA: I'm so jealous of your hummingbirds! I've only seen one this year so far, and it left too quickly. :|


Oct 21, 2009
Hi guys,

Sorry I missed out on this thread over the summer months, but glad to see your gardens are alive and well. Our PS gardening community has been busy and active! This past year was so crazy, first with the snows of winter burying everything for weeks at a time, then the early growth and enormous blooming from all the water, then a mini drought and heat from June - August, capped off by the rains and flooding of Irene. Everything grew wild and crazy - crowding out other plants. hydrangeas growing to five feet blooming on top of azaleas. it was plants run amok - a seething sea of plants enclosing the house! I even encourage the deer to nibble away - nothing can kill these plants!

So today we took a walk along the river and I noticed a local landscaping firm specializing in the English garden look I love. Instead of lawn he had a beautiful abundance of flowering shrubs and flowers in his front yard in exactly the look I love, so I am going to ask him for a consultation to fine tune the craziness before my husband gets out there with a buzz saw.

Today, we transplanted an iris patch that literally took over the walk way to the house- this started from one plant that multiplied , one plant!, two years ago. We moved it to side of road.
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