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Jun 18, 2010
I am, as of yesterday, 7 weeks out from my wedding. I was getting overwhelmed with all of the stuff that needs to be done between now and then. It would run through my head and just seem like SO MUCH. Simple solution that isn't exactly rocket science, but is ever so helpful- I printed out blank calendar pages from excel, one for each month. I figured out what needed to be done and when. Then I assigned a date to each project and stuck it on the calendar. I already had a spreadsheet with all of this in list form, but this way makes it easier to visualize what needs to be done and when. Now, instead of thinking about everything that needs to be done before 11/27, I only have to think about what needs to be done this upcoming week. Much, much easier to take in.

Like I said, not rocket science, but this has been a huge stress relief.

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    Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way
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    5.5 Carat Diamond Upgrade
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    Style File: Julia Roberts

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