Help with favors please !

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May 9, 2008
omg im so feeling like a BRIDEZILLA and i cant even take myself. Its almost like PMS really bad at this point. I''m so sick of wedding stuff that at this point im just throwing everything on my fiance.

I really have to come up with a favor idea. I was going to go with tea but I want the look to be very modren. can anyone please help me !


May 4, 2008
Im with you girl, our wedding is in July and I so wish it was NOW - i asked FI last night if we could just run away for a few months and come back after our date (elope just the 2 of us) and get away from all this planning, family, crap!

Anyway, we are doing the coaster/photo frame things for favors, they are inexpensive and everyone uses coaster.


Dec 31, 2008
Blissfulbride... breathe.

It will be alright. I PROMISE. You know what is soo funny about favors... as brides we spend soo much time fretting about these things that will end up in someone''s junk drawer.. or that people will just leave at the reception. I actually left the favors up to my FI. I laughed at what he picked... he was soo cute... but it was totally NOT with our wedding... but really... the wedding ended up being soo.. NOT US.. that is was cute. He picked fortune cookies. Inside the cookies (done in our colors of green and white) he picked 3 "fortunes" which ended up being 3 really sweet love quotes he found. I cannot remember which of these he used... see below. The reception site put one on every guests plate before the food was served... people opened them up.. and it was quite cute... it had a love quote, and said... thanks for sharing our special day.. and signed our names and our wedding date. It was very very cute. He thought, this way, people will eat it (and it won''t go to waste.. and if they want to keep something.. they could keep the fortune in a scrapbook.. or toss it... no worries.)

My point is...I was a crazy bridezilla too... but you just have to pick your battles. Once I gave this over to my FI (nowDH) it just felt AWESOME. Even though we are not asian, and our wedding was not in anyway geared towards this... I liked that he got involved and made it really sweet.

Now you say you want the gift to be modern... I have been to a lot of weddings and received a lot of favors... and honestly.. I could care less about the ones that don''t say something about the bride and groom on them... like the little frames for name cards, or the little winestoppers (I still have this), and wine glass charms... this was cute too, and kept for awhile, and the food...

The wine glass charms were at one wedding and were really fun. Tied to a ribbon on the charms, was a little note from the bride and groom, saying, thank you for coming and sharing with us, our special day. They were handwritten. That was honestly, my favorite favor, and I kept the note.

Just a thought... hope you relieve some stress...

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Jan 20, 2008
Hi BlissfulBride,
If the favors are stressing you out, why don''t you just skip them? I think tea is a great idea but no one *needs* a container of tea...or any other party favor, for that matter! I can hardly remember which favors we received at which weddings, and to be perfectly honest most of them end up never being used and eventually thrown out. A friend of mine who is an event planner told me that almost half of the party favors at weddings are left behind anyway, so really that''s just wasted money that you could spend on something else.
Obviously do whatever you''d like, but if it''s stressing you out and you''re not dying to have one particular kind of favor, I''d just say skip it!

Good luck!


Nov 28, 2008
No ideas except to tell you that we''re doing chocolate chip cookies that I will be making with my FSIL the week of the wedding. I am sick of wedding favors (like anyone needs another little picture frame?), and think they are passe these days, but my elders think they are a must, thus the cookies. I plan on using little silk bags from Michael''s, with ribbons on them.


Nov 2, 2006
Considering you''re getting married in Vegas, what about doing the cookie idea Winks Elf suggested, but do sugar cookies decorated to look like playing cards, dice, roulette wheels, etc? I''m sure (I''m positive actually) that there are bakeries in LV that can take care of this for you and for a reasonable price.
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