Healthier Lifestyle Thread 7th July till 13th July

Discussion in 'Healthy Lifestyle' started by Lorelei, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Rod

    Dec 28, 2005
    by Rod » Jul 13, 2008
    Hey Everyone,

    I slept the best I've slept in two weeks last night. Charlie had to get up early to go to work, so I decided to at least get up and out of bed by 8:30, which for a Sunday AM was very unusual for me. If I had slept any later, I wouldn't be able to go to sleep tonight and 6:30 will come all too fast tomorrow morning. I had breakfast on the terrace all by myself. I'm not sure Charlie working retail hours will work for us long term. I will tell you that they typically print out the sales for each day at Restoration Hardware and while they have a sort of goal, there's not incentive tied to that goal. Charlie outsold everyone in the store yesterday and the manager presented him with his printout when he arrived this morning. If only they paid well, he might be able to stay. But for the pittance they pay and the fact they don't give part timer's health insurance, he'll have to find something more appropriate. Anyway, I did my normal Sunday things. Lunch at Panera, coffee under the oak and a nice long workout at the gym. I'll go to the gym tomorrow night too, then Tuesday, we'll meet after work for Sushi. I've got dinner ready to cook. Fresh homemade (by me) jumbo lump Maryland style crabcakes and fresh Silver Queen corn. Depending on Charlie feels after working all day, we may go for a quick cup of coffee or I'll slip out and get us a cup if he wants to just lounge around the condo.

    I'm sorry your shopping list of bling went unfulfilled Marcy. I sounds like you showed wonerful restraint at the Italian restaurant last night. Good for you! I'm glad you still have a beaming smile from ear to ear. You so deserve to!

    I'm with Marcy. Perry has taught me more about allergies than I ever knew. And I'm grateful (Rod said knocking on wood) that at this time in my life, I have no allergies to anything (that I'm aware of)!

    Welcome to our healthy family Amanda. It will great to have someone who can help us with questions about medicines on our team! Sounds like you live a nice healthy lifestyle indeed and I'm sure you'll really enjoy the friendships and healthy banter on this thread. Most of us write at least daily. A daily confessional of sorts, but it helps to keep us focused on livng healthy. Anyway, welcome!

    Hey Miss Lorelei. I hope your toof is feeling better and you've had a great weekend. I'm looking forward to logging in tomorrow night and reading your always inspirational weekly opener!

    Yummm to Pizza Kimberly!!

    Sorry the cake was disappointing DeeJay. Sometimes they look so good, but taste just so so. Woo Hoo for continuing to stay focused on exercise and doing 70 mins on the elliptical!!

    Hey Phoenix. I'm sorry you cried, but I imagine it actually helps you to overcome your grief and sense of loss. I'm glad the therapist suggested you set a place to keep things that will remind you of your dad. I'm also glad you let hubby take you out to lunch yesterday. Hugs to you from me.......

    I'mglad the cilantro didn't overpower the spinach lasagna Skippy! I'm sure everyone loved your meal and had a great time for sure. Grocery shopping was fine. I didn't buy a single item not on the list, even though I did come across things I thought we needed, I didn't get them. Nope. If someone wonders out load why we're out of something, I'll just comment that it wasn't on the list, so it wasn't purchased. LOL

    K.....need to get things cooking. Charlie will be home shortly and I'm famished after my workout.

    Will probably check in again later. Have a great evening everyone!
  2. Shay37

    Mar 1, 2004
    by Shay37 » Jul 13, 2008
    CR is short for Core Rhythms.

  3. marcy

    Feb 27, 2007
    by marcy » Jul 13, 2008
    Hi everyone! What a weekend! I will be glad to go back to work. I haven’t done a lot of house work lately with working every day in June then going on vacation so today I got most of the house work done today. I still have to mop the kitchen floor and scrub down all the counters and fridge. I will work on that some night this week.
    Hi Amanda, welcome to PS and HLT.
    Kimi, it sounds like you had a lovely evening last night. I am going out with the office tomorrow for pizza; it sounds good.
    DeeJay, rats for the cake being disappointing. Have a great time at your friend’s cottage.
    PhoenixGirl, glad to hear you are trying to keep busy and be social. Your journal sounds like a very useful venue for you to help get out some of your feelings.
    Skippy, it sounds like your dinner went great last evening. Glad to hear it was cooler for you. We were in the 80’s today. I thought your pretty picture was a good screen shot to post. Tee hee. My sister is about the same, thanks for asking.
    Rod, glad to hear you slept well. That is great Charlie is doing so well at sales too bad it’s not a great paying job with benefits. I do still have a pretty big grin on my face.
    Hi Shay!
    Have a great evening.
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