Has anyone tried Cool Sculpting fat cell freezing?



Hi: Wondering if anyone has tried Cool Sculpting? And if so, did you get results from it? I did a treatment on my lower abdomen 2 weeks ago and am already seeing results. Will go for a second treatment in 2 more weeks to further freeze the fat cells in my lower abdomen. I am within my weight range, lean and workout all of the time. I have that stubborn lower abdomen, post menopausal fat that would not budge and caused me to go up a pant size just to fit around that ugly lower ab fat. It's working! Just wondering if anyone else out there has tried it and what results you have gotten from it? Look forward to your responses. :wavey:


Jan 28, 2005
Queenie, I'm actually thinking of trying that myself to get rid of the roll of post-pregnancy lower belly fat that just won't go away. How are the results 1 month later? Do you know if the results are permanent?


Hi CareBear - yes, I went for my second treatment last week and when they measured my belly, I had lost one inch! They say that the fat will continue to go away for up to 3 months. I do see results and am hoping that this second treatment will yield more results. I had my bra fat done and it's all gone after one month! I do believe that it works. I suggest that you consult 3 or so specialists and be sure to use a facility where the doctor actually does the procedure. And ask for a discount. I went with a women doctor as I feel more comfortable having a female probe my body. Go for the free consultations and let me know your thoughts. Good luck. :wavey:
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