Good news, bad news... how about just news-news?

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Nov 28, 2006
Been a while since my last post, and A LOT has happened since then - and due to the subject matter, I really don''t have anyone else to vent/talk to!

My boyfriend and I had an appointment for a (pre-?)pre-martial counselor in April, however on Thursday he was fired and thus we had to cancel, completely understandable due to the sudden lack of insurance. Nothing helps the initial shock better than drinking like it''s going out of style, so that night I stayed over to keep him company.

Imagine my shock when while three sheets to the wind he was going on about how he''s worried he''s not going to be able to save up for an engagement ring now that he has no job! Not only that, he already had sites picked out (Canadian conflict-free diamonds) and playing with "build your own ring" generators!

Of course, I waited until he was sober to bring it up to him again, he admitted he wasn''t thrilled he let the cat out of the bag while drunk but what''s done was done, and we also finally worked out a (very rough!) timeline, which for those who read my last post saw was a big point of conflict. We''re thinking of a March 2010 wedding - so we could do it over my spring break in grad school - and anywhere between this November and June ''08 for getting engaged (assuming we get the all clear from counseling of course!) which would give roughly 2 years of engagement, which I think we''d need to help transition to the married state easier. And and and, we started looking at rings online just to get an idea of things - I must give him credit that what he was looking at was actually almost exactly what I was thinking for myself (round stone in a somewhat swirly unique setting) He and I are both going to have to start learning diamond stats soon, this is kind of exciting since I held off on the "ring ****" before it started materializing. Looks like I''ll finally be posting on the other forums for the first time soon!

And just because one big event just isn''t enough, my cousin got engaged today herself! She had been friends with him for years, they moved in together a few years back and everyone (herself included) has been waiting for the ring for a while now. Very happy for her, even if it means that I''m moving up on the chopping block list, only two ahead of me, both of which are likely to happen soon

My cousin was also mentioning all about how her ring was from Blue Nile and how easy it was to order and that my boyfriend ought to be listening (and he was and asking questions!) And you know what? I wasn''t jealous one bit! I tend to feel some degree of jealousy when a friend gets engaged, so I guess it''s very good I don''t feel a pang of disappointment when it happens to family.

So that''s my life story in this regard as of late. Not happy it got spearheaded by my boyfriend losing his job, though, but since when does life work in perfectly convenient ways?


May 14, 2006
sorry to hear about your bf''s job, but thats great that you got your timeline!! I''ll be having a 2 year engagement too which I think is nice, as Im in college also and will definitely need the planning time. Enjoy finding a ring that you like!
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