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Flowers Post Wedding

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Mar 2, 2008
I''m watching Platinum Weddings and am blown away by the floral decorations. Flowers really can add such a dramatic beauty to the venue. However, at a $75,000 price tag...what happens post party? Do they take take the centerpieces home? Send them with guests? Return them for the florist to resell for the next day''s wedding?

Even at a more modest $5000 flower budget what do brides do at the end of the night? I can''t say that I''ve ever noticed what my friends have done, and I certainly didn''t take the centerpiece with me...


Oct 4, 2007
Most weddings I have been to I have seen people take the centrepieces away with them at our wedding I plan on decorating my familes houses with lovely flowers and my yard with the plants :).


Apr 5, 2008
I''m currently trying to figure out what to do with my flower arrangements. Ideally I would donate them to a nearby retirement home and/or the hospitals in town, but that means that someone has to transport them all the next day (I don''t really want to put this job upon my parents when I know they''ll be exhausted already) and since they''ll be fairly large and a lot of them, you''d have to have a big van or maybe SUV to do it with. Plus, my florists rents the containers to you instead of selling them, so someone would have to go around and collect all the vases and return them or we''d have to go ahead and buy them all but I don''t really need an extra expense like that. So I''m kind of frustrated that I''ll spend so much on flowers (I LOVE flowers and they''re an important and sentimental part of the wedding to me) and other people won''t get to enjoy them after the wedding. I''ll be interested to read what others are doing with their flowers and HOW they''re going to do it!


May 18, 2008
We are not having cut flowers, but at my cousin''s wedding (who had all roses) we gathered them and made potpourri with the petals by drying them in the sun and then adding fragrance. There were a ton of DIY sites about how to do this. She also preserved the bouquets, but it was very expensive. I am not really sure, though, there is much you can do with them in the long term unless you keep them growing.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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