first stab at dress search

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Sep 21, 2006
so i went to my first sample sale yesterday, and it was alot of fun. it was at esther couture which i''m not too familiar with, but i worked with the designer solely which really made a difference. her dresses are simliar to vera wang, but not quite as $$. I found a great dress and the price is right (around 2K range I want to be at, dress is normally 5-6K). However, I still have a lot of appts set up (various other sales, Oscar La renta in early Feb, Kleinfelds etc). I have a few days to decide, but is there danger that I''ll choose something that''s a great dress, but I haven''t looked enough?? It really is gorgeous with chantilly lace and silk organza--but geez, but I love ALL the dresses and what''s not to love when it''s couture? The one I though was the best of the bunch was the one which was the most flattering, but all the dresses were classic and top quality. I''m having my mom come with me for a 2nd opinion, bc i went solo yesterday.

Also, the designer showed me great veils too. Is it customary to buy the veil at the same designer or are these pretty interchangeable? the veil was 400..kinda steep.


Jul 27, 2005
janine, I saw that sale on and thought of you- glad you made it.
It''s good that you are going to go back w/ your mom. I would make an appt @ kfeld''s too, even though there isn''t a sale just to try on a bunch of dresses to get ideas of what you like, then you will have something to compare the esther dress to.

It''s a very personal decision and you can get overwhelmed by trying on too many dresses- there are so many options out there.

I spent $$$ on my veil, it was originally 1250, but I got it for 1/2 off. Some people feel comfortable skimping on a veil, but I loved mine and left it on through our first dance and until we were done w/ dinner, so for me it was worth it. Some people just wear it for the ceremony though and if you are only have a short one I can''t see spending that kind of money on something you are only wearing for a 1/2 hour.


Dec 5, 2006
I saw that on topbutton, too!
i even called them yesterday but noone answered. i think it ends on Friday. Do you think it is worth going there?

I am not officially a fiancee yet but I''m an official wife. It''s a long story. But our real wedding will be this August and i think i should start looking into dresses. Or am i late?
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