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Elopers, share your stories!


Jan 7, 2010
Bumping this very old thread that I started a few years ago - I know there have been more elopments recently! Share your stories and pics!


Oct 2, 2008
Why did you do it?
Simply because we wanted to. My husband is extremely shy and wasn't interested in the big to-do. I'm practical to a fault and couldn't fathom spending so much money on what was essentially a party. It was absolutely a decision we made for us and not for anything or any one else.

How long did you spend planning it?
We got engaged 12-21-12 and were married 10-30-13. That said, we did not spend the whole time planning the elopement. We did absolutely nothing for the first month except relish in the glow of being newly engaged. Then we spent the end of January to the end of May being told we'd regret not having a real wedding and falling into peer pressure, spend a lot of time looking at more traditional wedding options/venues. In March, a girl I went to high school with posted her elopement on Facebook and I was so enamored with it that I remembered why we wanted that. It took a few more weeks of getting up the courage to stand up for what we wanted, but we officially decided we were going to elope in May and booked our date/location end of May/beginning of June. So all in all, once it was decided we spent 4-5 months on the planning.

Where did you do it?
We eloped at The Kehoe House Bed and Breakfast Inn in Savannah, GA. We LOVED it. The elopement package included 2 nights stay at the inn, our officiant, cake, champagne, toasting flutes, chocolate covered strawberries, bouquet/bout, carriage ride tour of Savannah after the I Dos...really everything we wanted. The only things we had to book separately were photography and hair/makeup.

Who did you tell, and when?
We told our immediate families and friends after we booked it. We didn't want anyone to be surprised and wanted everyone to have time to get used to/get okay with it. We did not tell many acquaintances/people not really close to us until after we got back.

How was your experience overall? Would you still do it if you had your time over again?
Our experience was AMAZING. We would absolutely do it again.

Photos and more about our elopement story are here:
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