Dried Paint on Carpet

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Oct 17, 2008
Is there a way to get dried latex paint out of a carpet? I just moved to a new place. Before I moved in, my landlord has painted and had thought she was going to be replacing the carpet so it looks like she didn''t even use a drop cloth. She has since decided that since I have a dog, she''s better off not replacing the now there are various paint spots through out the house. Most are very close to the wall, so not in the easiest places to cover with a rug.

Any ideas?

I''ve heard of a few things: Goof-Off, Nail polish remove, and just hot water and dish detergent. I''m not sure what works best though. It has been dried for probably about a month now and some of the spots are about the size of a quarter and very very hard. I thought I''d maybe be able to cut the spots off at the top but I don''t know that I will b/c of how hard and wide they are...I don''t want to hack the carpet up.

I am open to any ideas or experiences that you''ve had. Please share! I am desperate! I love the place but the paint is going to drive me bonkers.


Jun 26, 2006
Goof off is great for this. My only caveat is that it is pretty potent and given that you have a dog I''d be hesitant to use it unless you cleaned the carpet very well afterwards - not something you''d want your pup to be licking up! Same goes for nail polish remover - not sure if it works, but it''s deadly to dogs.


Feb 27, 2008
I bought something at Home Depot to take the latex paint off of my floors (they were vinyl not carpet). I don''t remember the name of it but it was on the shelf with the Goof Off and that sort of cleaner (might have been Latex Off or something like that). I also used it to clean our brushes when we were finished painting. It worked pretty good and I know that it said you could use it on fabrics and clothing so it might work on carpet. I''d test it on a small spot though in case it bleaches the carpet or something (I''ve never tried it on fabric).

I also think ammonia is supposed to disolve latex paint but I haven''t tried it.

I agree that you need to be careful to get all the cleaner out of the carpet since you have a dog. That''s crazy that she decided not to replace the carpet since you have a dog. I understand the landlord''s point of view but as a pet owner (who has had a lot of trouble finding places to rent) it always ticks me off. A few irresonsible pet owners have to ruin it for all of us.


Feb 24, 2008
If all else fails, you'll have to lightly snip off the tops of the worst affected areas... hey perhaps you could try doing that first, and then 'goof off' or 'latex off' the rest?
Sounds like it'll be a pretty foul and intensive job.

My little girl dropped water colour paint in a couple of spots on our carpet... tried to clean it but it kind of smeared and... well, it's still there as I don't have the courage to snip!

So good luck!


Apr 25, 2007
I know this isn''t what you asked, but...

Take as many photos of the move-in condition NOW, to demonstrate that the carpet needed to be replaced before you moved in. You''d be surprised how many landlords try to take prior damage/wear out of the security deposit because of a dog, and being able to demonstrate that the carpet was already worn/stained when you moved in can save you quite a bit of money (and the hassle of small-claims court) later on. (If you can print out the photos and have your LL sign/date them now, all the better!)

Sorry for the threadjack. (BTW, Goof Off works wonders, but the warnings of fumes NovemberBride gave you is dead-on.)
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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