Diamond under 1 carat

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Nov 10, 2002
1. Anyone here with a diamond under 1 carat sad that they did not make that magical 1 carat stone?

2. Anyone happy that they chose a diamond under 1 carat or smaller for an engagement ring?


Apr 22, 2003
I don't have an engagement ring yet (we want to wait to graduate from college to get engaged. Just a few months to go), but I have a lovely promise ring that is MUCH less that a carat. I want my engagment ring a bit bigger, but having made me realize I don't want a huge ring.
I have already picked out my engagement ring at it is like .86. I've looked at bigger rings, but have several reasons for not wanting a larger one.
One big one is I don't think it right for him to spend that much money on a ring. I know I only want a diamond becuase I have been brainwashed since I was a little girl to want one, and almost decided on another type of stone to fit me better. I would rather have a better honeymoon for the memories, or leave the money in our savings, or give it to charrity. It just doesn't seem right to spend thousands on a ring when people are starving, animals are suffering and forests are being destroyed. I'm not a flashy person. I am outside a lot, don't normally wear much jewlery, and don't like to spend a lot of money on unnessesary things.
But deep down, I still want a diamond (that conditioning really sticks!)
Also, a more practicle reason, if it is too big it sticks out too much and can scratch aganst things. Plus if the stone ever fell out I would want to be able to replace it fairly easily.
I don't know if this is the type of answer you are looking for. Probably not. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in.



Mar 13, 2003
What a question! disclaimers: I can totally understand if someone feels that the whole carat is important; it's really a matter of hoping that your personal situation matches your desires. That having been said:

-My .84 round looks just as big as my friend's 1 carat princess. Spread, not carat weight, is what you see.

-Because of where I live and the circles in which I move, any bigger and I would feel conspicuous in a bad way.

-I have small hands and fingers (4-1/4) so proportionate to my hand, .84 is plenty.

-I have many ideals and sincere convictions about supporting certain charities, but like Vegan said, conditioning--it's powerful! In our case, having a .84 doesn't mean we won't have a cent to spare for those causes. I think everyone has their balancing point of values, financial reality, and personal desires.

-This is the stone that to me, looks great, doesn't break the bank, and feels like a savvy purchase. I personally like being under one of the big price per carat marks.

Of course, if someone FORCED me to have a well-cut 2 carat rock, I'd learn to live with it!

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Oct 30, 2002
Sure I'd like to have a 1 ct or larger diamond, I'd also like an Acura NSX, a mansion, etc. Overall, I'm very happy to have my .87 diamond. I love my ring and feel like the extra money that we would have paid for a larger stone would not have been worth it at this point in our lives.
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