destination wedding In Las Vegas

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Nov 9, 2006
We have our minds set on Las vegas. It would be so different wild, and a ton of fun. My worry is that unlike weddings in the carribean. There wont be any all- inclusive deals. I want it to make it as cheap as possible so every one can come. I''m hoping to make it a 3 day weekend also. other question - when is a good time to send out invitations ? How much time in advance ?

Did anyone get married in Las Vegas. We are hoping to have about 25-50 guest.


Mar 26, 2006
The happy hubby and I got married in vegas on Jan. 1, 1999 (just a little bit after midnight to make it into 1999). We were married at the Little Chapel of the West, which is a freestanding chapel at the end of the strip. It was not as posh as the wedding chapels in the hotels, but we liked that it was just *slightly* less kitchy since it kinda looked like a church. We did have a package deal that included flowers, witnesses (we didn't take anyone with us), photos, a video, hmmm... maybe a couple of other things that I can't remember right now. One word of advice if you go this route: get your own flowers somewhere else. I didn't even think about it until they handed me my bouquet and I was like, um, this is ugly. But other than that everything was PERFECT! And I'm sure any wedding chapel that you choose should be able to accommodate that number of guests.

ETA: We're going back for our ten year anniversary to renew our vows with Elvis. We really wanted Elvis to marry us but appearently he's quite busy on New Year's Eve and we didn't book him in time, LOL.


Nov 19, 2006
A word of boss at work told me about a destination wedding he went to in Vegas. Two weeks before the wedding, he received an email,

"Yes, as many of you may have already heard, our wedding venue is also hosting the Adult Entertainment Awards (or whatever they''re called) on the weekend of our wedding."

Apparently, the hotel didn''t tell them that the place would be overrun with **** STARs the whole weekend for their equivalent of the Oscars....the ummm...performers...filled up all the restaurants and common areas of the hotel and put on a very un-family-friendly display. Since there are so many conventions in Vegas, you may want to ask what other events will be held there are the time of your wedding....

Unless, of course, you''re into that
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