Dark blue bridesmaid dress

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Jun 27, 2006
My brother just asked me and my husband to be in his wedding, which is in July. It''s a little bit last minute cause my bro is a procrastinator (according to my mom, has been wanting to ask me for weeks, but never got around to calling), so not too many details are planned. Their colors are dark blue and white, apparently. Though that''s not a final decision yet.

They''ve asked me to buy a dark blue, below the knee dress. The other bridemaids are in Europe, so there will be no assigned dress or matching color, just some form of dark blue. Though I loved the Siri bridesmaid dresses I chose, I don''t know if I have time to order one in 4 months.

I''m thinking of just getting something from JCrew. They have a few dark blues in tricotine and chiffon. Has anyone chosen these for their bridesmaid dresses? Are they flattering and is the fabric nice?

The two colors I''m considering are the navy in tricotine and the vintage blue in chiffon. The bride and groom don''t really care, I guess. Which would be more rewearable? Would chiffon be better for a July wedding?

Can I wear my wedding shoes (gold Manolos) with either color?


Mar 24, 2007
I haven''t seen these dresses in person, but I think I like the look of tricotine over chiffon from the pictures. Is there any way to know what shade of dark blue the other bridesmaids chose? Navy is a fairly easy color to match if you all went with that...

I like the Sophia short dress your dress supposed to be tea-length (below the knee) or full-length? If you''re looking for tea-length, the short dresses should work (maybe think about ordering Tall sizes to make sure it falls below the knee, especially if you''re a tall gal?).

Again, I''ve never seen these dresses, just spouting out whatever came to mind when I perused the JCrew site.


Oct 26, 2007
Hey Basil-

My girls are wearing the long sophia in silk tricotine in navy

The silk tricotine fabric is super luxurious and feels wonderful on, but it is heavier/warmer than you would expect (a plus for my fall wedding). Another think i would caution you about is that the navy is VERY dark and looks almost black in person.. I don''t know how the silk tricotine compares to the other fabrics in navy.

The sophia dress is a very flattering cut and I''m guessing the short one would be bellow your knees-

J crew has an awesome return policy- I say buy one of each dress you like and then pick one

Good luck


Dec 31, 2008
I''d try them on and see... honestly, even when a bridesmaids dress IS rewearable.. I dont know mnay girls that have worn it again, unless it is something like the simple black dress.
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