contaminated drywall from China.. another mess

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Mar 29, 2008
Blech....another reason to bring back community. Produce and buy local goods and food. Better for everyone.


Sep 19, 2004
The real problem is that most americans have been programmed that cheaper is better.... thus they are always looking for the cheapest product.

There are two fundamental problems with this:

1) While you cannot always say that you get what you pay for, i.e. - you can overpay; it is certainly true that you don''t get what you don''t pay for. Quality almost always cost money.

2) There is an effect on the American economy from eliminating jobs here and transferring them to other countries. This is not an absolute - and there are certainly high quality products from overseas worth importing - just as the US exports a series of products to other countries. However, on a large scale - is it really "less costly" for the American worker and business owners to have shut down and exported a lot of our manufacturing - especially where the only cited reason is lower labor cost and lower polution control cost (which can double the cost of a factory). Did we really have to shut down the last US broom factory because the same brooms could be made 50 cents cheaper in Mexico; and many other examples.

There is a 3rd issue at play beyond just the production of inferior less quality controlled products. Outright mislabling and the production of fake products. I will not claim that cannot happen here in the US as some people will always try to take advantage of others; but some countries have less cultural inhibitions - and view production of fake and products that do not meet quality standards as a normal business practice. To them; it is up to the customer to verify before they buy - and they expect that their customers know that the $10 - $100 Gucci bag they are selling is an obvious fake.

In this case it would not surprise me to find out that the Chinese drywall was labled with the US Companies name in the identicle printing, seals, and ink color.

I don''t have a good solution to the problem our culture focuses on finding the lowest cost deal - and not the best deal.


Dancing Fire

Apr 3, 2004
i''ve always try to avoid anything made in China.

Diamond Confused

Jan 14, 2008
My favorite saying (which I learned from my gradma) is "the cheap always ends up eing expensive"

I think the U.S. needs to stop allowing products from china entering the American market. Product defects like those cause American Insurance companies millions and millions. They can''t turn around and recover the money from the manufacturer, it''s VERY difficult. I worked as an insurance broker once upon a time.


Nov 1, 2003
Date: 4/12/2009 5:52:56 PM
Author: DiaGem
Anything decent coming out of China? Or no?
yes there are some high quality goods coming out of China but like anything else it depends on how well the people ordering it made keep on top of the QC and inspections.
A friend of a friend just rejected a huge shipment of custom electronics equipment from Taiwan because they cut corners in the manufacturing process and he caught it.
He has had US suppliers do the same thing.
So it happens all over, we just hear about it happening on a larger scale with China made goods because of the volume involved and the US companies not bothering to check before selling it so it makes the news.
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