"Compatibility Tests"

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Sep 30, 2006
I''ve seen a few posts lately referencing compatibility testing, which I understand is a very useful and serious tool...

...BUT, has anyone seen any fun online ones? The kind where you fill out part A, he fills out part B, and they give you a magic-8-ball kind of result? (Or even the ones where you enter your name and his and they come up with a 46% compatibility rating or something, haha

BF and I were playing today and doing a bunch of these, including the one on It''s kind of silly but fun, and has actually helped inspire us broach some serious topics on our own. Starting those conversations with a goofy online quiz has set a better (more positive) tone for discussion.

Anyone have fun (or not so fun) experiences with these things?


Feb 20, 2006
I did one where you put in your name and it tells you how compatable you are. I assume that is very scientific and intuitive and I must acknowledge those results...

I did want to take the "couple checkup" that they have on but it costs 29.00 and I''m too cheap to pay it. But, it does look neat... you fill out your part... he fills out his... you get a whole report covering different areas and showing potential problem areas to discuss. It''s not just for stepfamilies by the way. It''s for any couple.


Dec 7, 2006
I don't need a compatibility test to tell me that my guy and I are not really all that compatible! ;-) But we're a ton more compatible now than we were 8 years ago when we first met (age difference, lifestyle difference, background difference, race difference, state difference among a ton of other things). I think what's more fun are those horoscopes that tell you compatibilities between signs. :razz:

Mine and his:
(specifically born between 2 June and 12 June!)

I think as couples grow together they tend to grow to become more similar, get better at compromising and taking care of each other. I joke about how the horoscopes all say we're incompatible, and some of the points in them are exactly right on! Anyway, no matter what kind of test of compatibility it is, if you've withstood the test of time, I'd say that's good enough. :)
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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