Christmas Proposal

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Nov 25, 2002
This will be a cheesy one - I'm sure lots of guys become embarassed and unsure what to do. I know I'm nervous, but fairly confident. Here's what I have in store...

I am keeping it a secret from everyone I know. The only two people that know had to find out. My roommate is graciously allowing me to fall behind on rent so I can make the purchase and my mom is in cahoots with me for the surprise.

My girlfriend has fallen into the scrapbook scene. She used to put them together all of the time instead of photo albums, but now she is really into them. So my mother and I are working on a scrapbook that is the story of me and my girlfriend.

The book starts off with my mom and dad growing up. "...Eventually they met, began dating and got married. Years later they had a little boy (me). His parents nurtured their child.... (girlfriend) was born and she grew as well, and her parents were proud. Soon the two met and began dating. They fell in love and stayed together. Then their relationship grew stronger and thoughts of marriage was in the air..." At that point, there will be wedding pictures, proposal pictures.. all of people you can't really see (because its not about them, duh!) but basically hinting towards the subject. While she looks through the scrapbook with my mother, I will have gone to change into a nice suit and be back out to propose at the end of the book.

I know its a little cheesy, but I think it would be sweet and we would have that memory forever.


Nov 18, 2002
I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! ya know why, right? cuz i'm into scrapbooking too!!! i woudl just die if my bf had done this to me! :) i'm loving that your mom was willing to help out like this!!! :) love it!!! good luck!!:appl:

Colored Gemstone Nut

Nov 21, 2002
Hey Brotha. I would just like to say this is an idea which has class. Sincere, thoughtful and what a way to add to the scrapbook by adding the pictures of the proposal and wedding. Since your going to be sharing the rest of your life with this woman I think it's a great way to share and build and remember your moments together. Hats Off to you and keep us posted on what happens. Maybe you can post a picture of her face when you come down in your suit to propose, or maybe that's a little to personal. Anyway good Luck and great story.

Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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