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Christmas gift ideas for!

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Jun 11, 2005
I am in a difficult place. My son and DIL have had a rough time of it for quite a while and now are back together making yet another attempt to work things out, despite her throwing him out. My predicament: since we are going to give gifts to our family members here at home before heading out of state to extended family, I now need to purchase something for my DIL. The question is what?

Quite honestly, with what has been transpiring between both she and our son, I really wasn''t planning on seeing her for the holidays or anytime soon and now we are. I feel awkward, but I do care about her. I really don''t want to spend alot of money on her or make a huge investment, but I need to give her something nice...don''t I?

I have something modest to give her as a stocking stuffer or to go along with whatever I get my son. I will say that I allotted a set amount per person in my immediate family that I have managed to stay within. This does not apply to her though. I just feel hesitant to spend that much on her...I know that makes me sound awful, but I can''t help how I feel.

Please help...I have to finish some Christmas shopping and I need ideas...thanks in advance!


Oct 12, 2005
I would feel weird too but since they are trying salvage their relationship I would still include her & get her a gift. How about a robe, gloves, scarf, perfume, Christmas ornament/decoration, gift certificate, a homemade gift basket with chocolate or coffee, cd''s.

I have used quite a bit already for ideas on what to get my relatives.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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