Chicago Area Girls'' Weekend Ideas

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Jun 28, 2006
One of my best friends and I are going to take a "girls getaway" weekend to Chicago (we live in Western NY state) at the end of Feb

and want to stay in a nice hotel, preferably with a spa or one nearby,
walking distance from the Miracle Mile for shopping, etc.

Any Chicago area PSers have a recommendation?

I''ll take any ideas for activities, restaurants,etc.


Independent Gal

Nov 12, 2006

I''ve spent some time in Chicago, so here are a few suggestions:

(BTW, it''s called the ''Magnificent Mile''!)

If you want a swank hotel in that area, the Park Hyatt, the Peninsula, and the Lakeshore W Hotel (more modern) are great.

Restaurants for memorable meals:
1) MK (860 N. Franklin) is amazing. Fries with truffle cream... and their venison is fab.
2) NoMI in the Park Hyatt is a great place for a drink, breakfast there is as good as it gets.
3) Tizi Melloul (560ish N. Wells) has the most amazing decor... I mean, wow... it''s Moroccan food, not TOO pricey and very tasty. They also have hookas, if you want to try one.
4) Best sushi in town is at ''Japonais''. Downstairs is a happening cocktail scene.
5) Blackbird is another great place for a memorable meal. Can''t remember the address... somewhere in West Loop. I''m sure it''s on the net.
6) Opera is a fun, less expensive place for chinese fusion... I think it''s around 1300 S. Wabash.

If you''re there on a Friday or Saturday, there''s the chocolate buffet at the Peninsula Hotel (make a reservation EARLY! it gets booked up). You will never forget this as long as you live. It''s basically a huge array of the most amazing chocolate conconctions...with live jazz. I think it''s $30ish and so worth it.

For a cocktail, if you want to feel super swanked up and chi-chi, then check out RL on Chicago at the corner of Michigan. It''s REALLY pricey, but what an experience!

For diamond-watching, you must visit Graff on Oak St! You will fall over and die when you see that stuff. And sometimes they let you try things on...

And the best thing to DO in town is the architecutre center''s boat tour. Even if it''s chilly, unmissable. The whole city comes alive in a different way. Book early, it sells out on weekends consistently.

Have fun!
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