Can ISIS Be Eradicated From Within?


Jan 26, 2003
I am not sure how far one can discuss ISIS as a political entity without opening up the topic of religion, which is still forbidden here on Pricescope. I hope to be able to do so with this thread, but acknowledge that the going may be rough.

I just read an interesting article in, "The New York Times" to which I will provide a link. I will not, however, quote it. The reason I will not quote it is that the author delves into the actual theology of Islam, which is fascinating, but not something we are allowed to discuss n this venue. I believe it is permissible to mention his thesis, however, which is that the destruction of ISIS lies within Islam itself; it just must be exhorted from its practitioners.

Given the wide divisions within Islam-for example those between the Sunni and Shia sects-perhaps it is too fanciful to postulate that some obscure doctrine of Islam could be of use in eradicating ISIS, but I still found the premise interesting.

Here is the link...
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