Busy and Productive Week!!



So, FMIL visited for Easter and WOW we got a lot done!!! :bigsmile: Invitations are printed and on their way to the calligrapher, along with as much stuff as I can ship at this point (kid's dresses, shoes, etc.). Program is complete, which required planning the ceremony from start to finish. Final touches for accessories for the girls - shoes, hair pieces, rehearsal dinner dresses DONE! Also got the last details done for my veil and scheduled my alterations fitting...which comes up in 3 weeks. EEEP! I know there's more but I just can't remember it all.

Oh, I finally broke down and joined a gym after trying on my dress. :shock: So far haven't missed a day, but it's only day 4! :lol: I wish I'd taken pictures of the invitations to share, argh!

Now I just need to figure out what to get for gifts for...everyone. I enjoy the process, but I'm just at a loss! I'd wanted to commission a JKT piece for FMIL, but decided against it. So I'm at square one for her - all I know is that I want to get her a pretty necklace but her tastes are VERY specific. So I'm afraid of getting her anything that doesn't have a good return policy, lol.

For my Matron of Honor, I think I'm going to give her a cute handbag for the wedding with her favorite perfume. Is that odd? Hrm. Then all I have to figure out is something for FI's aunt (she's doing all of our flowers so I want to get her a nice thank you gift) and something for the kids (my girls and FI's three nephews). Online purchases are my friend, since I can have them shipped directly to FMIL's in NY.

Anyhow, that's all...just an update on a productive week! Feel free to post your own or ignore this! :tongue:
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