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Apr 28, 2010
So I must admit...most of the bridal showers I have been to were boring.

My question is:

Think of MEMORABLE (in a good way) bridal shower you've been to.

Why was it memorable? What stood out to you? Why did you like it?

Most importantly.....

What did you like most?


Apr 4, 2010
ooh fun thread!

I have never been to a bridal shower! so am curious to see what people will say :)


Jan 7, 2010
Every bridal shower I've been to was a total bore.

I'm not having one.

Sorry that's totally unhelpful. :knockout:


Aug 22, 2009
I don't think I've ever been bored at a bridal shower. But I think that's because I always 1) make a point of lending a helping hand if necessary, and 2) attempt to get everyone involved in the games, etc.

I have, more than once, rolled my eyes at a particular game (toilet paper wedding dresses, anyone?) but I always participate with a smile on my face and try to get everyone else excited, for the benefit of both the bride AND the hostess(es).

Often times, however, the entire shower hinges on who the hostess is, and who is invited. If it's the bridesmaids and the bride's future in-laws and no one else, if the bride doesn't know her future in-laws very well, the entire shower may not be to her tastes at all, and there's really nothing anyone can do except be gracious and go with the flow.

Seattle SC

Jul 27, 2010
I could really use some good comments here! I'm hosting one in Sept, and I'll be traveling to the wedding so I'll have to get all my set up supplies a couple of days beforehand! I've been talking with the bride actually, about what she'd enjoy and we've gone over different themes and such, and so far we've been talking about the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" idea. I've only been to two beforehand and was subjected to the toiletpaper dress as well and that's definately on the not to do list. Any suggestions would be very helpful though!


Oct 7, 2004
My friends have a running joke that showers are boring because all the obligations you have to invite. (co-workers, family, certain friends) There was always some kind of tension or awkwardness, so while i wouldn't call it a blast, some were kinda fun.

Here are some ideas from ones that were :

1) One bride loves to cook. On the shower invite, the host requested the guest's favorite recipe along w/ the rsvp. On the day of the shower, they passed out a "recipe book" of all the recipes, plus a few favorites of the bride.

2) A live cooking class.

3) Co-ed shower. It's basically just a party.

4) dinner cruise.


Feb 22, 2008
I've either hosted or attended about 50 showers at this point, and the one thing I've noticed that made a big difference on how much fun it was? How well the people know each other. My group of girlfriends tends to do showers with just us, so instead of awkwardly making polite chitchat with someone's boss, it's like any other girls' get-together, and we always have a great time. Good food is also a big one because, if you have absolutely nothing else on the planet to discuss with a complete stranger, a succinct "this cake is AH-MAY-ZANG, and did you try that dip?" usually gets the ball rolling, haha! I'm addicted to for cute party ideas and easy recipes. As for games, the only one I've ever experienced that was actually fun was where the bridesmaids videotaped the groom answering a bunch of silly questions about the bride and about himself. The bride was asked the questions at the shower, then the video of each of the groom's answers was played. Whether this is fun though depends on the personalities of the bride and groom; if they're normally particularly funny, you get some great responses on this one, but it doesn't always work out as well. Best of luck to SeattleSC with your hosting!
Jan 29, 2010
I've had fun at some showers (not all) but that's because I love games. If the games are good, I'll have a blast!

Trivia games about the bride have been a hit, especially if you let people shout out their wrong/sarcastic answers just for fun!


Feb 15, 2007
I think hostesses create great showers when they:
- Invite people who know and like each other to the same shower
- Don't play stupid shower games at the shower
- Have delicious food and drinks


May 24, 2010
I was just at my best friends bridal shower and we did absolutely nothing.. we watched her open presents for 3 hours and ate.. awful.. i was in the bridal party but her sister wouldnt let us play any games( she was the maid of honor) so it blew.

I then went to a close friends bridal shower maybe 2 weekends ago and we played games and everyone was involved. It was also nice that she had an open gift thingy going on, no one wrapped their presents therefore we could just walk around and see what people got them.. and then we had tons of time to eat, socialize, have some mimosas and play quite a few games. :)

I know my bridesmaids said they are playing tons of games and are also doing the "no wrapping" idea so we dont waste time. They are also playing the underwear game with me which i find to be funny because im a goofy girl. The theme is breakfast at tiffanys and were having a brunch. I hope everything turns out great! :))


For a variety of reasons, I'm not having one. I've been to one that was a pseudo shower - an afternoon tea. The hostess(es) made a bunch of different little cookies, truffles and sandwiches. The shower favor was an adorable little handmade recipe "book" with all of the recipes from everything that was served. They took recipe cards and used a cute little puncher to the sides then tied it with a pretty ribbon. They had some games, but it was mostly centered around good food and tea. Gah I'm boring! :lol:


Jun 26, 2007
I hate the games! I'd rather go to a shower with fun people, good food, and yummo drinks than one where I have to wrap people in toilet paper.

One of the best showers I went to had a live piano player, a lot of food, and about 5 beverage choices. They made some delicious teas, champagne punch, vodka infused with pears, and wine.

It's important to invite people that you think will get along or that already know each other. Sometimes as the bride or family of the bride it can be work, introducing people, and getting conversations going-- but it's fun, too!


Jun 26, 2006
I loved my bridal shower. I am not a fan of games at showers at all and luckily my MOH knew that. My shower was held in the evening and it was a LBD (little black dress) cocktail party. The bridesmaids arranged for a bartender who served drinks, including specialty martinis and lots of passed hors d'oeurves. I loved that everyone was dressed up and it was basically just a ladies night out. I did open gifts at everyone's insistence, but at least they had their martinis to enjoy while watching the gift opening. It was perfect for someone like me who is not into the typical bridal shower scene.


Oct 26, 2009
OMG, I am now so freaked out by the thought that everyone will hate my shower! My sister has sent out gorgeous invites and we're just doing an afternoon tea (no games that I am aware of). My cooking fiend friend is helping with catering. Everyone will know someone but there are a few disparate groups.

AN, I hope that as long as you are happy and enjoying yourself, everyone will enjoy celebrating with you.
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