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Breguet vs JLC


Feb 2, 2009
I have 3 superficial loves. Purses, diamonds, and watches. My present watch collections includes a YG Chopard Happy Sport, a RG IWC Portuguese, a salmon dialed SS Rolex Air-King, and some vintage pieces. I've never been a Rolex girl, but I bought the Air-King to fill a SS void. Unfortunately, I'm just not into the Rolex and never have been... so it's leaving my collection. To fill the void I'm looking at either a Breguet Transatlantic XX or a JLC Master Control. The watch will be my daily wear watch so it needs to go with jeans for casual days and dresses for work. The Breguet looks very sturdy which I like, but the JLC movement is in-house and I've lusted after the JLC for a long time. I don't like to wear easily recognizable brands (one of the reasons I'm not into my Rolex) and I feel like the JLC might be more eye catching than the Breguet. On the other hand, the JLC might be more versatile than the Breguet. I am a small wristed female. I find my 41mm IWC a little bulky and my 32mm Chopard a little small. The Breguet measures about 39.5mm and the JLC 38mm.

Opinions please!

3820st.h2.9w6_0.jpg jomashop_2159_49437339_1.jpg


Apr 6, 2011
JLC, hands down. Their in house movement is superb, plus given the looks it looks like a watch that can transition from casual to something more formal, while the Breguet is too sporty and less versatile in that sense.
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