Best hair products/make up for humid conditions

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Jun 11, 2008
We''re getting married in the Caribbean in June and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about hair products and make up. My hair is long (to the middle of my back) and slightly wavy. When I was younger my hair was always quite straight, and it has only started to become more and more wavy as I get older, so I don''t exactly know how to deal with it. I''ve found that using that Biosilk silk and shine serum works pretty well, but does anyone have any recommendations for products that they have used that worked really well? It''s a beach wedding, so I am planning on just having a wavy ponytail - similar to this photo - . But I don''t want frizz. Any makeup recommendations? I want to try that fiberwig mascara but am not sure if it is going to hold up for the humidity.


Oct 21, 2007
My hair might be wavier/curlier than yours but I really like DevaCurl Angel Gel and Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (for a beachy look) for my hair.

As for makeup, one, thing I''m looking into for my outdoor beachy wedding is using either Skindinavia''s Bridal Makeup Finish or their regular Makeup Finishing Spray along with possibly their make-up primer. I''ve read great reviews about their products from DW Brides and the Finishing Spray is:

- Breathable formula allows for flawless set, hold and blending.
- Resists heat and humidity by cooling makeup surface.
- Greatly extends makeup wear and color hold for hours.
- Oil and paraben free.
- Not tested on animals.


Jan 26, 2008
Date: 4/7/2009 5:36:30 PM
Author: Inanna
The best anti-frizz product I''ve found is Phytodefrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm. Despite the name, it can just be used as an anti-frizz product without straightening. It''s expensive, but the 3.3 oz bottle lasts me 6 months.

Another vote for the Phyto line of products. I live in South Florida, and i''m getting married outdoors at the end of May, so it''ll be pretty humid. If you can get your hands on some Elnet hairspray (L''Oreal--I think Target is the only U.S. store that retails it, but I could be wrong)That will hold it.

If you like the BioSilk, I have a suggestion: switch to CHI. It''s the same manufacturer (Farouk) and almost the same formulation. The only difference is that BioSilk has SD alcohol 40 in it, CHI does not. When the SD Alcohol 40 evaporates from the formula (which it does quicklyin the heat and humidity) the dryness it leaves behind can cause little frizzies along the nape and hairline (where they hair is fine and prone to fly away).

In my climate I''ve personally had better luck holding curls with the Phyto products, the CHI as a finish on the ends, and the Elnet as the spray.
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