Belmont by Flexsteel


Jun 2, 2013
The Belmont line is part of Flexsteel's Latutudes collection, all made in China; if you're considering the Nuevo Leather, not sure you know it's not leather, but a composite of polyester & leather scraps. I went furniture shopping with my dad last year, when he was about to downsize from his house to an independent living apartment. The dealer told us that he tries to discourage people from ordering anything from the Latitudes collection (none of it is on display in his store) "because it's crap." But I think that's sadly true of most furniture nowadays, unless you're willing to spend a lot more or be OK with replacing it relatively soon.

So I'm hoping others can offer positive suggestions more useful than my glum assessment!


Dec 12, 2008
We bought a Flexsteel couch and sofa a few years ago, thinking they would hold up better than the other two sets we'd gone thru. My parents have had their set for 25 years or so. What we've figured out so far, is that nothing is going to hold up for a long period of time if it's *used*. My gramma used to harp on me that they still had their couch from back then they got married and it was 60 years old or whatever--guess what gramma, the only time it was ever sat on was when you and grampa had your picture taken every year. So, yeah, it lasted. Mom and dad lay on the floor, they don't sit on the couches. I used them, when I lived at home, and sometimes mom would lay down and sleep for a little while on one, but mostly they just sit there and hold the folded laundry piles. Our flexsteel couches are falling apart-the "leather" is discolored and scuffed, deeply in some spots, seams have come undone. Where we sit isn't as cushy as the other sides--especially w/my husband being a huge guy, that makes a difference too.

I'd rather just buy cheap and re purchase in a few years, since that's pretty much what we have to do anyway-could've saved ourselves a ton of money.
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