Be careful what you wish for!

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Sep 16, 2005
When my fiance and I got engaged, I knew exactly who I wanted my bridesmaids to be. I had plenty of time to think about it, as we had already discussed who would do what in one of our previous "when we get married..." conversations. Anyway, I really had to think about it since he wanted 6 groomsmen, and being the very symmetrical person that I am, wanted to have an even number of girls, but I don''t have a lot of close girlfriends so finding 6 was going to be a toughie. But luckily, I had become really close with the only other young person at my work, the 6th bridesmaid had been dropped on my doorstep.

Well, fast forward a couple of months, ever since I switched departments within the organization, we aren''t as close as we used to be, and I was getting the vibe that she wasn''t into it as much anymore. There were no hard feelings, well not on my part at least, but I kept thinking of ways to give her an easy out. I would have loved her to be in the wedding, but didn''t want to her to commit if she wasn''t going to have fun doing it. So yesterday, she emails me and says that she no longer can be in my wedding due to the fact that her cousin (very close knit family) has asked her to be in her wedding, and she can''t afford to be in both, so she was declining mine. Funny, thing, I wasn''t offended at all. So, I thanked her for letting me know so quickly, and that I was disappointed but understood that family comes first.

So, just goes to careful..the world works itself out in really mysterious ways! Luckily, mind ended up ok.


Jan 8, 2007
Ugh. Totally know what you mean. I am sure I''m going to have a big problem when my wedding comes. I moved out of state 5 years ago, and only keep in touch with my two best friends.
Since I''ve lived here, I haven''t been able to form any friendships as strong as those ones. I guess I spend too much time with my boyfriend. I''m one of those girls. Of course, he has friends and I have met some girls that way, but his friends are all still in "bachelor" mode and girls are in and out the door so fast that I can''t keep up.
He already has 5 potential groomsmen on his list, and I can only come up with 3 girls, one being a cousin. It''s embaressing. I feel like such a loser sometimes! And all of my girls live far away so no engagement party/bridal shower/bachelorette party/future baby shower for me.

I''ve just depressed the heck out of myself. lol.

I miss my friends!!!
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