Bathroom remodel

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Sep 8, 2006

I hope you can help me. DH and I will be remodeling 2 bathrooms very soon. (one is a guest bathroom and one is a master bathroom and the house only has these 2 bathrooms) I am trying to find pictures of what I like, and since I know PSers have such good taste, I figured I would ask here.

Let me set the house for you. Bamboo floors in family room and hallway and 2 rooms and travertine tile in Kitchen and Dining room.

Walls are varying shades of brown and are knockdown. Ceilings are vaulted and molding on the door and floor are white (the floor moldings are those really big ones - I would say at least 4 inches) and the door moldings are the ones with lines in them with the square at the top (not sure if I am describing that correctly). There are some really cool fans with 2 blades and bronzy looking recessed lighting, almost an antique feel.

2 bedrooms (the ones with Bamboo floors) have plantation shutters and one room has some cool texturized wanes coating.

So, I am asking how would you design these bathrooms? Would you go light and airy white or offwhite? or antiquey? or maybe brown? One bathroom has 2 nice lighting fixtures in a brushed nickel color that I want to keep. This bathroom has a double sink vanity and the tub and toilet are seperated from it by a pocket door. The other bathroom has a soaking tub and double sink vanity and the shower and toilet are seperated from it by a regular door.

Does anyone have any great pictures of their bathrooms or one''s you have saved? I have a few ideas, just looking for more. Thanks for your help.



Mar 14, 2005
I don''t have a picture handy just now but we remodeled a master bath last spring. We used slab granite for the countertops and contemporary brushed nickel fixtures to give it a modern vibe, but then mixed it up with a little more traditional look by putting in dark walnut cabinetry and a travertine medallion in the middle of the floor. The walls are golden tan with off white trim from the same color strip and the granite is also gold. I think this would work well in your situation too.


Nov 24, 2004
What does the bedroom look like?
What does the room adjacent to the other bathroom look like?
What does your sofa look like?
Is this a new construction house?

So far it sounds like the only design reference I have is your plantation shutters. I need more info...
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