Ballard Designs furniture?


Sep 27, 2009
Hello Everyone, I am in search of new living room furniture and have found some I like online at Ballard Designs and wonder if anyone has ever bought from them? I have been to every B&M store around me and I just can't seem to find anything that feels like it is going to last more then a few years. Everything I looked at seemed so cheaply made, even in the higher end stores, I guess it is true they do not make things like they used to. The set I am looking at online has some good reviews but I sure would like to hear from someone that has bought furniture there also. Thanks for listening!


It depends on what pieces you will be purchasing. I am not sure where you live however most furniture is made in North Carolina. Certain manufacturers make certain styles of tables, sofas, etc. Check out,, Thomasville, Lexington, Broyhill - to name a few. It's best to google "furniture outlets in North Carolina." Once you determine what you like you can see their online catalog and they will tell you a local company that carries their furniture. I have purchased a lot of furniture as my home is quite large - finding furniture pieces for your home is just as much work as finding the perfect diamond. For my last project I worked with a local designer, simply to utilize her access to the San Francisco furniture mart. If you live near a large city try to find where their furniture mart is located and see if you can get access to that via a designer. It's worth shopping, measuring and seeing many different styles and fabrics before choosing what will work best in your room. Good luck - it's quite the process. :wavey:

Oh, by the way - I don't know much about Ballard Designs. Sorry.


Jan 11, 2006
I have not bought anything from Ballard Designs but they have some gorgeous things. I have looked on their site in the past for accessories before. I don't think I'd have any problem buying from them, as I believe they are a higher end store.

Queenie is right about NC. That is where I live and when we moved 5 years ago, I really bought almost all new furniture over several months visiting the outlets for fine furniture manufacturers almost weekly. For someone furnishing several rooms, the trip to NC might be worth it, but I am not sure that the shipping costs to CA would be so inviting!


I have had some furniture shipped from NC to CA and the shipping was not cheap however, they do it via truck. The discounts you get on the furniture as well as not paying tax, out weighs the cost of regular retail. For instance, I purchased a new bed last year, ordered directly from NC and saved about $1800 off of retail at a local furniture store. And, the delivery time was the same. It's worth a try!
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