Accessorie must haves in the wedding and reception ?

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Nov 9, 2006
I know there are many little things that can be over looked when planning a wedding, but what is very important? do i have to get a Cake serving kit ? Do I have to get personalized toasting glasses ?

What are things that I have to get that says class all over it ? what did you get for your wedding that your that you couldnt live without ?


Feb 17, 2006
I think the cake serving set and toasting glasses are a bit of a marketing gimmick myself. Sure, they can have great sentimental value if you want them to, but for me, I don''t really see the point. I don''t remember ever going to a wedding and saying "Oh, look at the cake knife! Isn''t it lovely?"
I think a cake topper can be of some significance, but again, that''s up to you. We''re having one custom made that is the shape of the pendant M proposed with. That will be a personal touch, whereas the little people wouldn''t be for me. My mom hand painted her "little people" so that was significant for her.

I do think a guest book is important, or some sort of way to record the attendance, like a signature mat. But Traveling Gal can tell you that the outside cover doesn''t really matter to the guests! I like to see pictures of the couple too, whether it be one, or a scrapbook you can flip through. In some areas of the country, a cardbox is important, but I''ve never been to a wedding that had one.

In the wedding itself, the ring pillow and the flower girl basket can be something special, or not. They certainly don''t have to be. You can carry a special handkerchief with your bouquet, or a rosary or something like that, but again, you don''t have to.

I got 2 catalogs of "wedding junk" in the mail yesterday and that''s what it was... junk. There''s a lot of stuff you can buy, but there isn''t much you really NEED.


Jul 23, 2006
my cake server and toasting glasses are in the boxes never used...
...i got them as engagement gifts...all that stuff is unimportant and people never know the difference. most of the stuff in those wedding detail magazines are marketing ploys to get your $$$. do only whats important to you. have fun!!!


Jun 27, 2006
If I wanted toasting flutes or a nice cake server, I would think it might not be a bad time to buy one. That way they'd have some sentimental value in addition to being a somewhat useful item. I'd buy some that were very classic and could be used with whatever flatware/glassware I ended up registering for, not the ones with brides and grooms on the handles or whatever. But since a cake server or champagne toasting flutes aren't that high on the list of things I want, I think I'll just use the ones that the caterer provides. [I had visions of my fiance and I standing in front of the cake barehanded because we neglected to purchase our own personalized cake servers, but I've been assured that won't happen]

For me, the most important things are the heirlooms and the things with handiwork in them. I am hoping to wear the headpiece my mom and grandmother wore, and use the locket that they both wore in my bouquet. I'm going to wear the 1916 sixpence in my shoe that they both used. My mom is going to make my veil, and a handmade beaded belt/sash to change into at the reception (I'll wear a more conservative satin one for the ceremony).

ETA: We're going to have framed wedding pictures of my parents, his parents, and our grandparents there as well. I think it will be fun for guests to look at. And as you can tell, I like my weddings with a touch of history
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