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7 Weeks Till Wedding!!! Check in time


Apr 1, 2012
Hi Ladies,

It has been TOO long since I checked in! I DO read the thread and check in to browse but I lost my password for PriceScope and finally found it. I have been so incredibly busy with work and wedding planning. Sorry for being a slacker! :oops:

As of today... I have 7 weeks left! November 1st is the big day and it's right around the corner. I am flying next week to meet with vendors and finalize wedding details as well as take the engagement photos with the fiancé.

Just felt like it was time I checked in and said hello. We are also getting our bands from Tiffanys in 2 weeks.... :appl:

The best update that I have is that I have been able to lose quite a bit of weight - in total from my highest weight I dropped 40 lbs so far and I have 10 lbs to go (and 6 weeks to do it...). I have been getting compliments left and right at work with my weight loss and I feel so much happier!!! I also dropped my finger size by 3/4ths. Woohoo!!! The last 13 pounds were dropped after I did a juice detox - omg that was awful but the benefits were worth it.

So how is everyone else doing? Anyone else as stressed and freaking out as I am? I felt like I was on top of everything... and now with the wedding around the corner I feel like I am top of nothing!!! AHHHH. I need a nap. :((



Dec 23, 2010
Hi Maple! Wow, not too much longer for you! How exciting! :appl: And congrats on the weight loss, that's wonderful! I'm sure you'll look beautiful in both your engagement and wedding photos. :D

I can totally relate about feeling on top of everything but then suddenly not being on top of anything! I hit the three month mark on Saturday and I've been in panic mode for the past month. It's all of the little things (and some big things). Mainly trying to pay for everything! We're thinking we'll need about $6K for catering and not a dime has been put towards that yet. :errrr: My fiance still isn't sure who his best man will be (that's a long story). It's so nerve wrecking!!

I just want everyone to get their ISH together and help me out! The most they're doing is saying "don't worry about it." How am I NOT supposed to worry about getting the money for catering, figuring out transportation, choosing our music selection for the chapel, cattle prodding my MOH to go get a dress soon (she hasn't even gone looking), writing my vows, tips for vendors, etc.... :errrr: I could go on and on but I'm sure everyone here has gone through the same (or will be) and they've survived. It's just frustrating because I'm very Type A and this much disorganization is not cool in my book! :angryfire:


Feb 29, 2012
Hi girls! My day is fast approaching too! I think mostly everything is done, still need to submit final payments for flowers, our rooms, and photography. I plan on emailing the coordinator in a few weeks to see if we can get a tentative schedule for excursions the week while we're there so that we aren't just sitting around for an hour or two each morning trying to figure out what to do for the day.

For personal prep, I still need to do a few more hair trials (getting a quick trim/layers and color touchup this weekend so I'll chat with her then for some tips), then trying another nail place tomorrow so hopefully this is the one and then I'll be able to squeeze in one more gel mani before we leave. Waiting on some small decorations to ship next week. Otherwise, just need to pack, make sure to get enough cash for the trip, and we're all set!! 18 days until we leave!! Just need to survive work until then :doh:


Dec 13, 2009
Hey everyone! I'm checking in for probably the last time before the wedding. Only 13 MORE DAYS!! Talk about panic mode! I have had all my final meetings with my vendors except the minister who I am meeting with this weekend. Everything is paid for in full and good to go! The final details are coming together. I still have to put together my favors, have my hair trial, find bridesmaid gifts and gifts for our parents, get my e-ring rhodium dipped and pick a reading for the ceremony. If anyone has any suggestions for that one (besides the typical Corinthians reading), I would really appreciate it. I would like a Bible verse and I am just having such a hard time picking one!

Right now, I am really working on making a timeline for the day of and the couple days before. I know we won't be able to stick to specific times, but I feel like I need a written plan with everything that needs to get done for the day of, especially since I don't have any kind of wedding coordinator.

Congrats Maple on losing weight! I tried to over the summer and did P90X for about a month. I lost about 10-12 pounds from that and inches off my waist, but I just got too busy to keep up working out an hour plus each day. I have been able to keep it off though, so I am happy about that.

I am so sorry that I haven't been checking in. I have been super busy. I just graduated from grad school (YAYYY!) but I also taught summer school all summer long for some extra cash. So, I have not have any down time with grad school, teaching full time and planning the wedding. I have popped in here a few times and read through everyone's updates but I have just been too busy to sit down and post.


Apr 1, 2012
Hi Ladies!!

Our wedding days are fast approaching! And I have been working crazy hours so I am not sleeping trying to plan the wedding. I completely changed my mind on my flowers and now trying to come up with a new theme with about two weeks before florist needs final look. I also feel like I need another make up trial prior to the big day - I'm still not 100% sure on my make up!

I wish you ladies all the best! I can't believe all our wedding days are so close to each other!!! AHHHH! :appl:

OH - and wedding bands are purchased. I went with the 3.9 Channel Set Tiffany's band (half circle of diamonds). I seemed to keep going back to the thicker bands. I love it.

Also - I seem to be stuck on which song to have our string quartet play when we walk back down aisle as husband as wife. I'm currently leaning toward the Game of Thrones theme song or this song from great expectations (fast forward to 3:30):

And one final update... my dress has arrived!!! I have my first fitting scheduled for Tuesday of next week and can't WAIT to see it!!! :appl:

Hugs ladies!!!

Priya Gupta

Jan 19, 2019
Hi Ladies,

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I have paisley, silk screen printed cards. Just wanted to share the images too. Would love to share about
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