Diamond and Jewelry

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Recovering Diamonds From The Depths

Did you know that billions of dollars in sparkling treasure lies hidden beneath calm blue African waters? Diamonds in the Depths For millions of years a steady stream of rough diamonds has been tumbling down the Orange and Vaal Rivers. These precious crystals were pulled from their inland volcanic pipes by win...

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The Unconventional Jewelry Hunt

I’m a self-proclaimed "prosumer" – and I highly doubt I’m the only one on PS. That said, there might be many aspiring jewelry shopping PS members that were just getting started before the pandemic. Sure, we’re all able to fall down the rabbit hole chasing pieces and loose stones online for now, but for some of us, t...

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April Birthstone 2021 - Diamond.

April Birthstone 2021 – Diamond

  The diamond is the birthstone for April. The diamond is also considered to be the zodiac sign of Aries. The birth dates for Aries are March 21st to April 20th. Diamond is also the traditional wedding gift for the 60th wedding anniversary.  The origin of the name diamond is derived from the Greek word "A...

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