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February Birthstone 2021 – Amethyst

  If you are a February baby, your birthstone is Amethyst - a purple to violet color quartz. The word “amethyst” comes from the Hellenistic Greek “amethystos”, which translates simply as “not intoxicate” - so it’s no surprise that the ancient Greeks wore the stone and decorated drinking vessels with it in the ...

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January Birthstone Feature Image - Red Garnet.

January Birthstone 2021: Red Garnet

We are now completely within the new year (Goodbye 2020 - glad to never see you again!) and a new month, so we are looking at a new day and birthstone with renewed interest. January’s birthstone is the deep red garnet. WHAT'S IN A NAME?   [caption id="attachment_113533" align="aligncenter" width="380"] G...

January Birthstone 2021: Red Garnet CLICK HERE TO VIEW POST

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