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Winter Jewelry Trends 2122 blog post.

Winter Jewelry Trends 21/22

Do you snow what the jewelry trends of winter 21/22 are? 😉 If you're curious to know, grab a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up next to a fireplace because things are about to get heated with the winter jewelry trends of 21/22 as seen on the runway. These winter jewelry trends were frequently seen on the runway shows o...

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Top 10 Favorite Jewelry Organizers blog post.

Top 10 Favorite Jewelry Organizers

With a new year comes new purchases, besides the new purchases, let's worry about the jewelry you currently have - Are you overwhelmed by a dresser scattered with jewelry? Are you battling to find a pair of matching earrings? Are you still using your great-grandmother's musical jewelry box? If you've answered 'yes' ...

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2022 Jewelry Goals blog post.

2022 Jewelry Goals

2022 is well underway and what better way to start the new year than to set some goals - achievable goals - specifically jewelry goals. We're all too familiar with setting new goals which tend to wither away come the end of February but what better way to work towards something that comes with a reward you can treas...

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Birthstone Jewelry Gifts blog post

Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Searching for the perfect jewelry gift for a loved one? You can't go wrong with birthstone jewelry. PriceScope is profound for helping men (and women) find the perfect engagement ring and now we're going to help you shop for the most ideal birthstone gift. PriceScope Jewelry Search boasts the likes of Whiteflash, Bl...

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What is Art Deco Jewelry?

"This is Art Deco jewelry", "I love Art Deco jewelry", "I inherited Art Deco jewelry"... But, what is Art Deco jewelry really? When on the PriceScope forum, often at times we come across threads of Art Deco jewelry. Mesmerized by this captivating form of jewelry design. Some may question its history and what truly i...

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A small shopping cart full of gift boxes and an hour glass, muted holiday lights in the background.

Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

If you are still doing holiday shopping, you are not alone. There is a reason that there are drug stores with full aisles of gifts open 24 hours on Christmas Day. There are a lot of late shoppers and there can certainly be a strategy to that game, especially if you don’t mind if a gift is late. There is still tim...

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IGI Expressions™.

IGI Expressions™ 2021 Winners

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) ran a global jewelry design competition titled IGI Expressions™ from 22nd September - 28th October 2021. IGI Expressions™ was a 100% online competition that was open to jewelry designers and enthusiasts alike. The aim of IGI's annual jewelry design competition was to pro...

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5 Inspiring Jewelry Designers blog post.

5 Inspiring Jewelry Designers

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is currently running a jewelry competition called ExpressionsTM until October 22nd, 2021. What better way to get inspired than to share some inspiring jewelry designers we bet you didn't know about. Many of these designers have gone from their 9 - 5 jobs to take on jewel...

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