You Won’t Believe JLo’s Engagement Rings!

7/16/22 EDIT: Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Affleck!

Jennifer Lopez is engaged to Ben Affleck…again! We wish everyone the best and hope this is her successful, happy ever after. It’s been twenty years since these two lovebirds were last together – the makings of a made-for-the-movies romance.

Let’s look at the incredible engagement rings she has accepted over the years. There may have been a lot of heartbreak at the ends of some of those relationships, but there was enough love and happiness when they were accepted. We aren’t here to judge anything about her love life, just envy the phenomenal bling that has been a part of her journey.


JLo and Onaji Noa

When Jennifer Lopez met Onaji Noa in 1997, he worked as a waiter at Gloria Estefan’s restaurant. The ring was a marquise diamond on a gold band. They were only married for 11 months. Years after the marriage ended, Jennifer hired Onaji to run her restaurant Madres; at some point, he was fired and sued her.


Jlo's hand emerald cut engagement ring
JLo and Cris Judd Wedding

JLo and Cris Judd met while prepping for the Love Don’t Cost A Thing music video. Judd was a choreographer and backup dancer who claimed that she knew she would be his wife the minute he saw her. He was right, but he didn’t foresee that it would only last nine months. The ring was an emerald cut diamond. They are reportedly still friends, and that is priceless.


JLo and Ben Affleck
JLo with her Pink Diamond Engagement Ring.

Meeting on the set of the film Gigli, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez quickly became an item. Bennifer became one of the most celebrity couple names in a decade. The ring was an iconic $2.5 million Harry Winston pink diamond ring. The wedding was first postponed because they thought media sensationalism was overtaking the romance. The engagement was ended, and they both moved on to quickly marry others.


JLo's hand with blue diamond ring
JLo and Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez met in the late nineties; there are rumors that they dated for a short time between her relationships with Onaji Noa and Cris Judd. Marc Anthony and JLo walked down the aisle in 2004 and, by all accounts, were very happy. Together they had twins, Max and Emme, in 2008. They remain friendly co-parents to this day. Their engagement ring was a fantastic Harry Winston 8.5-carat light blue diamond.


JLo and ARod
JLo's hand with large emerald cut diamond ring

Jennifer Lopez met Alex Rodriquez at a baseball game in 2005. Their relationship seemed to have been a poorly kept secret for a while. They ultimately were together for about four years but never made it down the aisle. The ring was a 10-15 carat emerald cut diamond ring. While it was the largest carat weight ring to that point, it was unlikely to be the most expensive. While the cost may have been lower than some of its predecessors, it was still likely to be north of one million dollars!


JLo and Ben Affleck
JLo's hand with a green diamond ring

Their romance was rekindled in May 2021, and the flame is burning hotter than ever. We hope that this is their happy ever after. JLo has said that green is her lucky color, and this green diamond ring is magnificent.

Per Brides magazine: “Sourced by Ilan Portugali and designed by Tamara Rahaminov and Nicol Goldfiner, of Rahaminov Diamonds, Lopez’s new engagement ring from Affleck features an 8.5 carat natural green diamond center stone flanked by a pair of trapezoid-shaped white diamonds. Gold prongs surround the bright green rock that, when set against the white base, make the rare colored diamond pop…”

May they have more than luck on their side; may this be their true love story. Luckily for us, as the rings grew, so did photo quality!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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