Yellow Diamond 5 Stone

Kismet originally posted her glorious Victorian style 5 stone yellow diamond ring on the Show Me the Bling forum at PriceScope.  This is so gorgeous, the light yellow diamonds are stunning in this setting! This ring is #goals!


Lovely bench work


This was a collection of yellow diamonds painstakingly chosen for this project over a year, and it was absolutely worth the time! Wow, I am just in love with this! The light yellow diamonds are beautiful and capture the light. The joy of a custom ring is that you can take the time to make it exactly what you want it to be, and this is a work of art!


The stones together, unset


The Stats:


Kismet says: “I don’t have mm sizes, but the center stone is about 1 carat, the next 2 are .4-.5 cts and the smallest are around .2-.25cts” and “These were all sold to me as OMCs but I’m pretty sure that they’re a mix of OMC, OEC and transitional.”

Visit the original post with more pics and join me in congratulating Kismet!



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By Kayti Kawachi

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