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Animal and nature-themed jewelry has been around forever! Since March “comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb,” it seemed like a good time to talk about animal jewelry!

Featured image from Chopard’s Animal World High Jewely Collection

Among the PriceScope community, we have some serious animal/nature-themed jewelry aficionados! Many of us also have and LOVE our pets and like to share their adventures. Of course we also talk about our bling. I have to admit, as the owner of four corgis…I love the pics of pets that sometimes get shared! Most regular visitors to the PriceScope forum know that @Catmom is the Queen of the Critter Couture jewelry, or as I have said before the “Entomologist of Extravagance.” I am not alone in loving her incredible collection of zoologically fabulous pieces.

Pieces from the Bulgari Serpenti collection

Pieces from the Bulgari Serpenti Collection

Pieces from Cartiere's Panthere Collection


So many awesome pieces have been shared over the years featuring animals and nature that there are threads dedicated to just that. I just want to introduce you, or re-introduce you, to some incredible examples!





Both of these are from PriceScope Member Catmom’s incredible collection!

These might be the most consistently appearing creatures in dazzling decadence. They come across as delicate, graceful, and feminine; they are known to be colorful and lovely and lend themselves easily to a sparkly rendition. Symbolically, butterflies and dragonflies are often tied to change, new beginnings, and transformation. Some cultures see butterflies as bearers of good luck, and/or bringers of messages from the gods. Butterflies and dragonflies also sometimes represent hope, freedom, and innocence. Beautiful and meaningful, all good things!



Serpent ring with Africa Ruby

PriceScope Member Atwater shared this fantastic custom Ouroboros (snake eating its tail) ring.


Serpents and dragons are often depicted in animal jewelry form. The symbolism is not quite as happy–go–lucky as that of the butterflies and dragonflies. These creatures are tied to darker paths; mystery, fantasy, and the occult are common themes that pop up when reading about them. In some cultures, these animals are strongly associated with luck, good fortune, wisdom, strength, and secrets. The mystical nature is very attractive to a lot of dragon and serpent lovers. They also tend to look fabulous in jewelry, and serpents naturally lend themselves to rings, armbands, bracelets, necklaces, etc. I like them a lot, and they remind me of things that are scary in life but can be beautiful when looked at in a different way.



Diamond and emerald panthere ring on a hand with sparkly nails

PriceScope Member Cushioncutnut shared this stunning Cartier Panthere ring. 

Dog inspired jewelry

PriceScope Member Runningwithscissors shared her beautiful terriers.

Animal inspired jewelry

PriceScope Member MakingTheGrade shared these delightful critters on a kitty!

Turtle jewelry

Catmom has a lot of jewelry creatures. This sea turtle is phenomenal!

Many different animals lend themselves to being gorgeous jewelry models. We have seen some incredible creatures like octopus, starfish, love birds, spiders, cats, dogs, and dinosaurs, just to name a few. Beautiful pieces that make their owners very happy are the bottom line. 

Not everyone can rock a lobster in a trap, but it’s pretty awesome that it exists. There is something for everyone, from fun and funky fashion jewelry to fabulous and exceptional high jewelry. 

Diamond koalas

Van Cleef & Arpels Zen brooch.

We want to see your animal and nature-themed pieces! Please share them with us in the comments! What is your favorite animal?

Written by Kayti Kawachi


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