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Image Source: Tallulah Willis’ Instagram

Tallulah Belle Willis is the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. She, like her sisters, has spent her life in and out of the public eye. The Willis sisters have had their photographs and social lives shared all over the world since their infancy. It stands to reason that the world takes notice when one of them hits a major life milestone.

The emerald-cut dazzler on Tallulah's finger with a picture of the couple snuggling inset in the upper left corner.
Tallulah and Dillon inset, snuggling. The diamond dazzler is the main focus of this pic! (Image Source: People)

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were married from 1987 – 2000 and share three children. Rumer, 32, and Scout, 29, and Tallulah, 27. Bruce Willis also has two young daughters with his current wife (Emma Willis), Mabel, 9, and Evelyn, 7. For 19 years, Tallulah was the youngest child in the family, she is an artist, actress, fashion designer, and she has even been a reality TV host. Tallulah has made herself known by being completely upfront about who she is.

Early this month (on Star Wars Day, May 4th!) Tallulah’s boyfriend, Dillon Buss popped the question! Per Tallulah’s Instagram, her reply was “with absolute most certainty!”

“I can finally call you my fiancé. Love you forever Buuski Lu, you are my best friend,” Buss captioned several photos on Instagram, calling out their Star Wars day engagement date: “#maythefourthbewithus.”


large elongated asscher diamond on a yellow gold band on a hand. One finger has a tattoo of 3 chevrons.
Image Source: Tallulah Willis Instagram

The ring is TDF even by the most rigorous PriceScope standards. We love a great engagement ring, and Willis is wearing a stunner. Classic style but elevated, that is the mark for which more should shoot. This look is always in fashion, it is hard to imagine that it will even be out of style.

Buss, a film director, had a custom solitaire created by Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Karina Noel. It is an elongated Asscher- cut, solitaire diamond on a yellow gold band. “Making this work of art was a true honor,” Noel said on Instagram stories.” It may be confused for an Emerald-cut if only because elongated Asscher’s are quite rare.

A close up shot of Tallulah Willis and Dillon Buss.
Tallulah Willis and Dillon Buss- serious faces, seriously in love. (Image Source: Newsbinding)

Like several of the recently affianced young celebrities, they went with the solitaire. This ring has a glorious elongated Asscher-cut diamond that at a glance I would put between 5 and 6 carats. It’s crisp and clean, I would say that it’s a very high-quality stone.  Well done, Mr. Buss, this is a fantastic piece! Getting an over-the-top YES! seems only appropriate. It is amazing to learn that Tallulah was so involved in the creation of this ring.

As engagement rings go, we are excited to see that the trend is leaning back to the classics. Solitaire with a large diamond, of varying cuts, is always a win. We love fun and more exotic looks, but the classics will always set our hearts aflutter. They are classics for a reason, after all.

The family is excited to have a “Willis Brother,” marrying into the sisterhood. From all of the posts and comments, the sisters are thrilled with Buss as a partner for Talullah and we all wish them the best of luck as well!



If you want a similar look to this amazing ring, we have some looks that may help you on your search!


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Asscher-Halo Milgrain Pave Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold from James Allen
Asscher-Halo Milgrain Pave Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold from James Allen.

Do you own a glamourous solitaire? We would love to see it! We’ve seen some varying speculation as to the carat size of this sparkler, care to make a guess? We would love to hear what you think in the comments!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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