Valentine’s Day Proposal Guide 2024

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love and romance, making it an ideal setting for a heartfelt proposal. The atmosphere is infused with affection, and the day provides a free, built-in backdrop of love and romance.

By choosing Valentine’s Day for your proposal, you create a memory that will forever be connected with the celebration of love, making it even more special and significant for you and your intended each year.

We will endeavor to make it easier for you to get that YES! We have included tips on engagement rings that will make your ring shopping less intimidating.


The Symbolism of Rings

Valentine's Day Engagement

Engagement rings have been a tradition for what seems like forever. In some form or another, they have been found as far back as Ancient Egypt and even more officially in Ancient Rome. The first known diamond engagement ring was seen in 1477. Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring. He married her the following day. Little did he know his diamond engagement tradition would be wildly popular around the globe centuries later. Affluent people like Archduke Maximilian could afford diamonds during the Renaissance, but the only known diamonds came from India, and the common man didn’t have access to such wealth. 

Times have changed, but the diamond engagement ring has surpassed the test of time. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to take your place in this historical tradition.

Valentine’s Engagement Ring Inspo

James A Engagement Ring Valentine 1


The strength and beauty of diamonds is the perfect symbol to represent romantic love that lasts for a lifetime. A high-quality diamond engagement ring can last generations and be a testament to your love story.

Detailed engraving and the use of motifs such as hearts occurred during the Romantic era of the 17th and 18th centuries.  Crosses, stars, leaves, and branches were all in style and wealthy Europeans showed a taste for diamonds and rubies, symbolizing eternity and love. The discovery of diamonds in Brazil increased the supply in Europe, and as they became more available, rings grew more elaborate, set in fleur-de-lys, rosettes, bows, and stylized letters.  Diamonds were even set in natural, rough form.  In 1761, King George III presented a second diamond band as a ‘guard’ to Queen Charlotte.  This was the predecessor of our modern-day wedding anniversary band.

The Victorian Era saw the continued use of intricate metalwork and a rise in colored gemstones as the choice for engagement.  In 1870, a plentiful supply of diamonds was discovered in South Africa.  This, coupled with the wealth generated by the Industrial Revolution, made the ultimate symbol accessible and affordable for the public, and diamonds quickly became the rage.



A couple's embraced hands, displaying the diamond engagement ring.

Creating a custom engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind gift as unique and singular as your love. The talented jewelers behind PriceScope’s vetted vendor list can make truly incredible pieces that will last for generations.

Here are the links to speak to a representative for a few vendors that we love. If you want to start a custom Valentine’s engagement journey, this is a great place to start from. These will take you to their custom design pages.


A tuxedo wearing man with several sets of hands helping him.

There are lots and lots of jewelry lovers and industry professionals who are happy to help you on your Valentine’s engagement ring shopping adventure. We all hope you will get that YES!

PriceScope also has a Diamond Concierge service that will pair you with an expert who can help you find the ring you are looking for that best meets your personal style and budgeting needs. 



Imagine finding that perfect ring that speaks to your heart, especially on a day as special as Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a classic solitaire’s timeless elegance or a vintage-inspired design’s charm, each option tells a story. So, let’s make this proposal uniquely yours by choosing a ring that resonates with you and adds an extra sparkle to your love story.

We wish you success and love when you pop the question, and we want to hear all about it (and see the ring!) in the Show Me the Bling Community!

Written by Kayti Kawachi


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