New Article: AGS Laboratory Diamond Color Grading

By Erika Winters

In collaboration with AGS Laboratories, Bryan Boyne, G.G., vice president of Whiteflash Inc., illustrates the diamond color grading process in a new Pricescope Journal article: AGS Laboratories – Color Grading of Diamonds.

“A diamond’s color (or lack thereof) is a critical aspect in determining its market value. Grading the color is therefore a crucial part of the laboratory certification process. The following article will illuminate the various steps and considerations in performing color grading at the AGSL.”

One Carat AGS Certified Ideal Cut Diamonds – Face Up Color
Photo courtesy of Whiteflash.

Face-up shot of one-carat diamonds graded D, H, and L color by AGS Laboratories

The article is the third installment of an ongoing series on diamond grading.

Part One: Laboratory Graded Diamonds – What are the benefits for the consumer?

Part Two: Diamond Laboratory Process- Basic Functions and Procedures

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