Sizzling Summer Bling: In the Heights

In the Heights is currently in theaters as well as airing on HBO Max. I took the chance to watch the movie in my living room, one of the nice remnants of the weirdest year in our lives is the ability to watch new movies at home.

This musical is set in 2008-2009 in Washington Heights, New York. Lin- Manuel Miranda wrote the music and lyrics, while Quiara Alegría Hudes crafted the screenplay. This story of life, strife, joy, and community was a lively and entertaining watch. The costumes were super, and the jewelry felt exactly on point for the time and place. The Broadway show launched in 2005, so they updated it a bit for the film. The jewelry is current and ever-present throughout the picture, the look is such a summer vibe. Hoops and gold chains accentuate the apparel that wards off the summer heat.

Big dance numbers, synchronized swimming, lots of singing, and some lessons on Latinx culture abound. The message seems to be that even your biggest dream, may not be your last. Life can change your plans and that doesn’t diminish your worth. This is just a big injection of joy that I found really satisfying and hope that it reaches others who could use the pick me up!

There are differences between the Broadway show and the movie, not only timeline but story-wise as well. I never got the privilege of seeing the Broadway production and this trend of making films from big musicals is one that I am here for. Though it is not a direct stage-to-film translation like the version of Hamilton on Disney+, it’s still an awesome ride that takes you through their journey. If you have seen Hamilton on D+, you will recognize Anthony Ramos who plays Usnavi (the lead) in In the Heights.

I don’t want to spoil the plot for people who plan to see it, just know that the acting, singing, and dancing are great! The looks fit the story and add to the character development and believability.



three women singing in a hair salon, with gold jewelry
Image Source: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./HBO Max


Woman in green overall shorts outfit with gold jewelry and long soft brown hair is walking in front of a white car.
Image Source: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./HBO Max


hundreds of people dancing in the street.
Big dance numbers are just what Summer ordered. (Image Source: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./HBO Max)


many younger people standing around an older woman, like at a party.
Love the chunky bracelets on Daniela (in the snakeskin print) especially from this ensemble. (Image Source: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./ HBO Max)

This was the Tony-winning show that sprung Lin- Manuel Miranda into the limelight and gave him the resources and contacts to use his talents for Hamilton. He followed Hamilton with creating the amazing and memorable music for the Disney film Moana. We can only hope that there is another amazing musical waiting in the wings of his imagination and hope that it is one that comes with incredible jewelry for us to swoon over. If loving blingy eye candy is wrong, well…I am in the wrong field.

Did you watch it, do you love it? What did you think of the jewelry? I know that I was flipping through sets of hoops on the PriceScope jewelry search, how about you? Let us know in the comments what your favorite piece was!


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Written by Kayti Kawachi

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