Jewelry as a Love Language

Jewelry can be so many things, we think of jewelry as a love language. Jewelry can be used as a form of communication, a decoration, a “milemarker,” a memory keeper, and more. We love jewelry for any reason!

When we think of jewelry as a love language, a couple of scenarios pop into mind. A gift from a significant other, a gift from a parent, a gift from a child, it can be so deeply meaningful. PriceScopers know that jewelry is so much more than just pretty sparkles, but what’s not to love about all things bling!




One hand holding another hand with an engagement ring on

Jewelry can be the most romantic gift of all, especially when you think about engagement and wedding rings. A symbol of enduring affection and commitment, the ring is a circle symbolic for never-ending love. Any piece can be a romantic gesture, and anything that is gifted with that intention will always remind the recipient of the emotion it was given with.



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Young hand holds an older hand with a large pearl ring

Keeping pieces of jewelry in the family carries the love from generation to generation. As an example, I wear my grandmother’s wedding band on my right pinkie, I inherited it from my aunt when she passed after she had worn it since my grandmother’s passing. I feel as if I have some of the strength of the women in my family that comes with me everywhere I go. I am reminded of their love and their place in my life whenever I look at my hand.



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Man and woman after a birth, woman is holding baby, looking at each other with love.

A “push present” is a gift given to a mother to celebrate bringing a new human into the world. Typically a gift after a birth, there is no reason not to celebrate adoptions, a new step-parent role, or any family addition life milestone. The symbolism of “push” is not the most essential piece, it’s the new position in the family that is being honored. Taking responsibility for another life is a big deal, having a piece to mark the occasion is a beautiful thing!



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An elderly couple dacing with a party behind them.

Celebrating years together is a great reason to add new jewelry. A new piece to honor the long lasting love and commitment is a very popular choice. Having something to look at that is not only beautiful, but a constant reminder of your love story is a beautiful thing. Especially those big anniversaries, but in the spirit of seizing joy in every moment, any anniversary is worthy of celebration!



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Queen Elizabeth II in her Coronation robes photographed with her family and other members of the Royal Family, in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace.

There have been several times when jewelry aficionados have noticed messages sent by the British Royal Family via their sparkling adornments.  



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