Gorgeous IDJ 5 Stone Birthday Ring for Bliss

IDJ Stunning 5 Stone Ring

IDJ Stunning 5 Stone Ring

Bliss shared her amazing birthday gift with us on the Show Me The Bling Community at PriceScope.com Wow! When Bliss was asked what she would like as a birthday gift, she knew what hints to drop and right where to lead her thoughtful husband! He gave it to her on a surprise trip to Mexico that was also part of the birthday festivities, what a lucky lady! She was afraid she would be blingless because she left all of her jewelry safely at the bank at home; her husband saw to it that she had some gorgeous sparkle afterall!

Sparkling in the Sun

Sparkling in the Sun

After Bliss dropped her hits, her husband brilliantly called Yekutiel at I.D. Jewelry and they created something wonderful for her. Seriously, this is an outstanding addition to your already incredibly impressive collection, Bliss!

The 5 GIA Triple Excellent Stones Stats:

Ideal cut with H&A
No fluorescence
.37-.38 ctw each

Custom platinum shared prong setting

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By Kayti Kawachi

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