Hearts & Arrows Diamonds – It’s not all about light return.

As some industry leaders are fond of pointing out, a non-H&A diamond can be just as bright under direct lighting as some H&A diamonds.

I agree.

But that is not the whole story when it comes to H&A diamonds… After all, most people don’t carry a set of halogen lights to shine on their diamond at all times. A diamond on the average persons hand is in indirect and or dim lighting much of the time. Therefore, the diamond that performs best under direct lighting isn’t always the best diamond for the most common conditions.

Lets forget about direct light return performance for a moment.

H&A diamonds bring another aspect to the game: There is an arrow pattern that comes to life under indirect light. This pattern is pleasing to look at to many people. Under the same conditions a diamond with inferior optical symmetry may appear like a blob.
Some may prefer the chaotic look of low optical symmetry but people’s perception of beauty tends to lean towards symmetrical objects being better looking according to several studies.
Diamonds with strong a arrow pattern appeal to this sense of beauty and sense of order.

Some people will say that it doesn’t matter because people aren’t cyclops with one eye in the center of their forehead.
I disagree I can see the arrow pattern under a variety of lighting and have read testimonials from several others who can also.
Those that buy the more chaotic looking diamonds may scoff at it as being not needed but it does have an appeal to many people.
If nothing else it brings another look to the diamond under common conditions that some get enjoyment from.


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