Happy Holidays 2022/23

What a year 2022 has been! Happy Holidays to our PriceScope community! We are so glad to be spending the holidays with you. Thank you for your continued support. Without all of our active members, our community wouldn’t be what it is today. We look forward to seeing all of your festive bling over the next few days. 


Female friends celebrating Christmas


So many of you have been loyal PriceScope members for many successful years. We have had the chance to celebrate happy moments, sad moments, life milestones, births, losses, and more. We have cheered for so many engagements and weddings! We have been so lucky to share your stories and have a place in your day. 

We have watched many changes in trends, tastes, and styles. We have watched jewelry change hands among PriceScopers, and be kept in the proverbial family. We are happy that you are here.


Happy women at Christmas


It would be hard not to be happy about all of the exciting adventures that PriceScopers have had. Proposal stories are up there among our favorite parts of the PriceScope community. We hope that we are the place people go to when they are ready to propose, to educate themselves before buying the ring that will impact their forever!   

We have been happy to offer FREE TO WATCH engaging webinars and FREE TO READ in-depth educational resources for people interested in learning more about diamonds and jewelry. We want to be a part of your jewelry journey and hope you continue to fall in love with the industry and learn something new. 

Happy couples at Christmas


We would be honored to continue being your preferred diamond and jewelry online community. We want to continue to educate, keep you up to date, and celebrate life’s wins with you. We hope that you continue to stay and grow with PriceScope as we enter this new year. Thank you for being an important part of PriceScope. We hope that you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.

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