Did You See February 2023’s Jewels Of The Weeks?

Au revoir, February and bonjour March! We have loved getting to see the new pieces this month! Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite jewelry holidays!

Each Friday on the PriceScope Facebook page we celebrate the Jewel of the Week! From Show Me the Bling! one recently posted jewelry piece belonging to a PriceScope member is chosen to be featured. We love this tradition, and we love getting to enjoy all that shiny new bling! These were the Jewels of the Weeks for February 2023.


Green enamel locked with diamond center stone

Mrs-b shared this fantastic enamel locket with an August Vintage Round diamond set in the front. This is lovely and not something that we see regularly. That green is gorgeous and the diamond pops. We hope that you love it for many years to come!


Carat Weight: .95
Color Grade: E
Clarity: VS2


Tigerlilyrosepetal shared this stunning diamond and unheated sapphire trilogy ring with us. This gorgeous ring celebrates Tigerlilyrosepetal and her husband’s 20 year wedding anniversary! This is a reset, with a sweet connection to her Godmother. How better to mark the occasion than some really fabulous bling! We hope that it brings joy for many years, it’s spectacular! 


4.42 cts. on the ring.
2.6 cts natural diamonds
1.82 unheated sapphires.
Center Diamond is F SI2.
All platinum bands. 


Eli22 had a spectacular year in the bling department! So many new glorious pieces added to their collection! I can’t even decide what my favorite is, can you? We hope that Eli22 continues to wear all of these pieces in bliss and that 2023 proves to be as prosperous!


1. 10-stone Asscher band (commissioned in 2021, NY22 gift to myself) – purchased stones from Alex Weber, set by local jeweler.

2. Emerald and Diamond Trilogy ring by JR Colombian – birthday gift from husband.

3. Tourmaline 2-tone ring – purchased stone from Dan Lynch, set by Daniel M.

4. ER Reset by David Klass.

5. Convertible Diamond and Opal Earrings by David Klass – used old earrings (diamond & opal) a gift from her Dad.

6. Sapphire & Diamond Ring by David Klass – anniversary gift from husband.

7. Diamond Pendant by David Klass – used old diamond ring from her Mom.

And that is not all! She lists even more bling that she got last year! It’s an amazing collection and we can’t wait to see more!


Nala shared this jaw-dropping diamond old cut and platinum brooch with us. This was deemed a holy grail piece, and we can see why! (The hands holding it are visible behind the brooch in the image above.) Nala stalked this piece for a year, and when she did pull the trigger, it was on sale for 1/3 of the original price. Brilliant! We hope that this piece makes your heart sing for ages, Nala! Convertible so that it can transition between a pendant and bracelet is the way to go, IMHO; that would give you even more opportunities to wear it!


2 biggest diamonds are .50 ct.
Middle sized diamond is .20 ct.
The rest all range between .07 to .05


February 2023 may be in the books, but we are super excited to see what comes next. What is on your wish list? What are you looking to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for sharing your magnificent jewels with us and helping to celebrate PS members’ pieces every week! We look forward to seeing the newest additions to your collections in the Show Me the Bling! forum.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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