Diamonds and Sapphires are Winter Wonderful


Rosebloom originally posted this glorious diamond and sapphire ring on the Show Me the Bling Forum at PriceScope.  Rosebloom’s original engagement ring was a triple sapphire beauty, but this is what she called the “grown up, PS’ified version!” This is a glow up, to be sure!




Gorgeous WF Setting
Gorgeous WF Setting


Rosebloom lays it out so well: “2.55 ct round blue sapphire from Master Cut Gems. The stone is 8.22 x 8.12 x 5.13mm deep. The sides are my former studs: .615ct, 5.45mm, AGS Ideal cut, HVS1 and .61ct, 5.48mm, AGS Ideal cut, GVS1. It is set by Whiteflash in a modified Butterflies setting, originally designed by Pricescope’s own Yssie (to whom I will be forever grateful!). Platinum, size 7.5.”


I went looking for something that reminded me of a winter wonderland, this blue sapphire and white diamonds just carry that feeling for me. Icey, crisp white against a deep blue. Elsa, eat your heart out!


Go check out the original post with more pics!


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By Kayti Kawachi



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